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Kaia Rolle

Florida police officer Terminated Who Arrested Kaia Rolle – Update

A Florida police officer was fired on Monday after arresting two six-year-olds last week, including a little girl he accused of battery when she threw a temper tantrum.

Officer Dennis Turner arrested the children on Thursday while working as a resource officer at a charter school in Orlando, charging them both with misdemeanor battery, Florida State Attorney Aramis Ayala told a news conference.

Kaia Rolle Wiki – Kaia Rolle Bio

Kaia Rolle is a first-grade student at the Lucious and Emma Nixon Elementary charter school in Orlando was handcuffed and taken to a juvenile detention center where she fingerprinted after allegedly kicking an adult at school. She also had her mugshot taken, according to her grandmother, Marilyn Kirkland.

Kaia Rolle is like most little girls. She is a student in a school from Orlando City. She loves the color pink and has a cheery outlook on life. But after what her grandmother says happened on Thursday, the bubbly 6-year-old has little room to focus on school.

Someone from school staff on Thursday had a message about her to her granddaughter that Kaia Rolle. The 6-year-old kid had been arrested at her Orlando charter school and was going to be taken to a juvenile facility.

Why Kaia Rolle Arrested and Charged

There was “an incident,” granddaughter recalled to a school staff member who called earlier to her the staff member and asking for what happened to Kaia Rolle, The staff member replied— Kaia “kicked somebody and she’s being charged.”

Kaia’s arrest came after the little girl had a tantrum in class because her sleep apnea prevented her from getting enough rest the night before, Kirkland said. The episode resulted in a trip to the office, where a school staffer tried to grab Kaia’s wrists to calm her down — prompting her to kick back, she said.

“She has a medical condition that we’re working on getting resolved,” Kirkland said she told Turner. “So he says, ‘What medical condition?’ I said, ‘She has a sleep disorder, sleep apnea.’ He says, ‘Well, I have sleep apnea and I don’t behave like that.’ ”

Kaia was arrested and charged with battery, Kirkland said.

Meralyn Kirkland Grandmother of Kaia Rolle

Meralyn Kirkland speaks to WKMG in Orlando on Friday about her 6-year-old granddaughter, Kaia, getting arrested at school.

What Police department says about the incident of Kaia Rolle

The Orlando Police Department said it is now investigating actions taken by Dennis Turner, the school resource officer who arrested Kaia and an 8-year-old student in separate events on the same day last week. Turner is accused of not following the department’s policy regarding juvenile arrests and has been suspended from his duties pending the outcome of an internal investigation, Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolón said in a statement to The Washington Post. According to the policy, any arrest of a minor younger than 12 needs approval from a supervisor, which police say Turner did not obtain.

Kaia Rolle Problem Why Kaia Rolle Kicked


Kaia Rolle has a medical condition that we are working on getting resolved ‘She has a sleep disorder, sleep apneaKaia Rolle Kirkland explained that Kaia Rolle suffers from sleep apnea, was acting out on the day in question due to lack of sleep. Kaia Rolle was taken to the principal’s office where a staff member reportedly grabbed her wrists. That’s when Kaia tried to squirm away and ended up kicking someone

Kaia Rolle Argument to her classmates

As a grandparent of three children less than 11 years old this is very concerning to me,” Rolón said. “Our department strives to deliver professional and courteous service. My staff and I are committed to exceeding those standards and expectations.”

What is a law to arrest Underage

Orlando police officials said Kaia was one of two children arrested that day. The other was eight years old. However, it admitted officers are required to seek approval from their watch commander before arresting anyone under 12 and that didn’t happen in Kaia’s case

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