Android OS had gone beyond just a smartphone, it can now perform tasks meant for desktop or personal computer. Hacking needs persistent effort for one to be successful and as you know, desktop or PCs are not mobile, that is, it cannot be taken everywhere just as a smartphone. But as I said earlier, smartphone can perform tasks which are meant for this immobile devices as well as hacking.

The good news is that desktop hacking tools that you are familiar with are also available for smart phones especially Android devices.

Below are our 8 best picks of these tools.

Termux | Hacking Tool for Android

Termux is an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment app that works directly without rooting your device. A minimal base system is installed automatically; Additional packages are available using the APT or PKG package manager.

Termux let’s you enjoy complete Linux environment on your Android device since Android is based on Linux.

You can install Linux Hacking packages on termux easily with command prompts.

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To install, kindly follow one of the links below or search for Termux in Google Play Store.

Google Play Store |


Orbot | Hacking Tool for Android

One of the best free Hacking tool for Android that let you go anonymous. Orbot is a proxy app that allows you to connect to tor network on you android device.
In Hacking, privacy is a necessity and with Orbot, you can go anonymous.
To install Orbot, kindly check the link below.

Orfox | Hacking Tool for Android

Orfox is a clone of Firefox browser for mobile that serves as Tor Browser for mobile. It lets you browse the web through tor network and gives you access to private part of the internet. Orfox is one of the best Hacking tool for Android.
Orfox requires Orbot to work.
Installation link is available below.

LanDroid | Hacking Tool for Android

LanDroid is all-in-one network tool with simple yet powerful interface that lets you get the most out of wireless network. Below are the list of features of LanDroid.

  • LocalNet – Local Interfaces, Routing and WiFi information
  • PublicIP – Displays your real IP and extra information
  • IP Lookup – Shows Country,ISP,Network,ASN and RIR
  • DNS Lookup (using fixed remote server)
  • Whois
  • Ping
  • TraceRoute
  • NetStat – Shows active and listening connections
  • ARP & ND Cache
  • PortScan (tcp)
  • DNSBL – Query IP in spam blacklists
  • MAC Lookup – Find vendor/manufacturer name by MAC address
  • IP Calc – IP Network Calculator
  • WakeOnLan
  • SSL Check
  • Full IPv6 support
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Linux Command Library | Hacking Tool for Android

This is a package that contains all useful Linux commands as well as short tutorials on how to use each command. It is the best library with collection of useful Linux tools that make you a perfect hacker with Linux OS. This hacking tool is available on Google play store.

Nmap | Hacking Tool for Android

Unofficial Nmap package developed to work with Android devices.

Metasploit | Hacking Tool for Android


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