Every business organisation needs reliable office software. Well, guess what? Some of the very best office suites are cheap and sometimes, free to use. Although Microsoft Office is often regarded as a key player in office productivity software. However, if you are looking for alternatives due to cost efficiency, or you happen to dislike Microsoft products, you may have quite a number of alternatives to choose from.

Here, we have been able to put the very best free office suites together for your perusal, ranging from downloadable desktop software to browser-based applications. It is also important to note that not all office suites are created equal; so we have been able to sift through quite several competitors to find the best Microsoft office alternatives we feel are essential in meeting your needs.

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Microsoft office online.

This is one of the frequently used IT support for small businesses in London.It looks and works just like its desktop equivalent. However, tools like pivot tables and the likes are out of reach. Unlike Google free online office suite, you don’t need to convert your files before you start working on them.

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Google docs, sheets and slides

Google docs are another major alternative to Microsoft office. It is suitable for anyone who is already deep into android or Google ecosystem. Just like the Microsoft office online software, there are no pivot tables and database tool. However, all the information required is laid down clearly and concisely, while all your files are saved and synced automatically, such that you do not necessarily need to worry about transfers and backups.

The software is rarely used by most clients requiring IT supports for small business in London because opening files created with the help of other office software is often cumbersome. This is likened to the fact that Google office tools use web fonts rather than the ones that are often stored on your device.


At totality services, we often recommend the use of office software that are fully compatible with Microsoft formats and are entirely free to use. This we feel, should be able to cut unnecessary cost for most small business seeking IT support in London, especially for small startups.

However, LibreOffice is an important alternative to Microsoft office because of the above-listed features. The suite contains six programs, which are known to cover everyday office tasks, such as math, base, writer, impress calc and draw. The software is available for Linux, Windows and Mac operating system. However, there are no downloadable versions for your mobile phone, except for a document viewer for android phones,

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WPS office (free version)

Although the system is a slimmed down version of a premium office suite, it is quite difficult to tell, as all its three programs (word, excel, PowerPoint) look and operate just like their latest version. The file format support is unique, and you can easily save your work in Microsoft formats for easy sharing to most office users.

A major drawback of this software is that there is no database software. Few of our client’s reviews at Totality services suggest that the application tends to display occasional ad, which might not be too comfortable. However, WPS office has free versions for Windows and Linux systems, as well as an app for Android devices.

Soft Maker free office

Just like WPS, Softmaker freeoffice provides exciting features for Microsoft word, excel and PowerPoint. Unfortunately, some key features like a thesaurus and tabbed browsing are only exclusive to the premium version of the software. Although tabbed browsing is not essential, thesaurus might causemajor drawbacks for almost anyone who writes regularly. The software doesn’t look quite as smart as the WPS office.

Do you need an Premium IT support for small business London? Visit us at totality services or reach out on 020 3744 3105and we will be glad to help out.

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