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Ronald Davis

Ronald Davis Wiki

Ronald Davis was shot and killed after a confrontation with an officer just over a week ago. The death of Ronald Davis, 31, more than a week ago has sparked protests from community activists. The minute-long video showed the moment Officer Steven Mattson left his car after being rear-ended up until when Davis was shot.

Ronald Davis Age

Ronald Davis age is 31 Years old.

Ronald Davis Body Cam Footage

The body came footage released Tuesday showed the dramatic moments before a St. Paul police officer shot and killed a man who charged at him with a knife after a car accident. Axtell called the body camera video from the Davis shooting “difficult to watch” and said his heart goes out to Davis’ family. He added that Officer Mattson’s life will also never be the same as a result of this tragic event.



St. Paul police officer shot Mattson

officer Mattson, who has been with the police department for less than a year, was uninjured and was wearing a body camera. He remains on standard administrative leave.

Why Officer shot down Ronald Davis

Davis kept charging at Mattson despite the gun in the officer’s hand and the commands to drop the knife. Mattson appeared to fire two shots before Davis fell to the ground and the officer ran back behind his car to call for backup. St. Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell defended Mattson after the release and told reporters that the officer had “no choice but to defend himself.”

St. Paul Mayor Melvin press conference

St. Paul Mayor Melvin said in a conference  He said the entire community is mourning following the release of the video. Carter said the decision regarding charges will be made, as always, by the county attorney’s office following the conclusion of the investigation.

“I see Officer Mattson defending himself while retreating and as a son of a police officer, I can’t say that I can see anything beyond that we could have expected him to do,” said Mayor Carter.

BCA’s investigation Report

Once the BCA’s investigation is complete, the agency will turn over its findings to the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office, which will determine whether or not to pursue charges.


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