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Agriculture has a ten,000-year historical past, and it’s predominantly a historical past of expertise. Developments from the plow and wheel to enclosures and the fashionable mechanical miracles of gas-powered tractors and sorters have persistently improved crop yields, permitting humanity to broaden from tens of thousands and thousands of individuals to a worldwide inhabitants projected to high 10 billion this century.

When it involves the subsequent levels of that lengthy course of innovation, vertical farming would appear to have all the proper properties. Precise controls backed by information evaluation can calibrate meals high quality, resulting in additional enhancements in yields whereas decreasing uncooked inputs like water. That’s crucial at a time when the world’s local weather is more and more at a breaking level.

The vitality effectivity of lamps or manufacturing programs will be improved, however not infinitely, so indoor crops will at all times be closely depending on electrical energy and different industrial help.

For Bowery Farming, no expertise is simply too small to optimize, and no information is simply too insignificant to trace. Combined collectively, the startup hopes to orchestrate the way forward for farming — and construct a aggressive moat in the course of. To ultimately create an organization of worth, it must not simply construct differentiated expertise but additionally construct a model with shoppers, which we’ll turn to in the final part of this TC-1.

In parts one and two, I lined the historical past of vertical farming, Bowery’s origins and the way it develops produce. In this third half, I’ll have a look at the firm’s core tech infrastructure, discover how developments of only one element, LEDs, made vertical farming viable and examine simply how a lot local weather financial savings Bowery will be anticipated to wring out because it grows in scale.


We can’t perceive Bowery with out describing BoweryOS. It’s the secret sauce that ties its automated programs, sensors and information assortment collectively right into a central nervous system. The firm is tight-lipped about specifics however notes that it unlocks the capacity to quickly replicate its progress system at new farms.

“You could be the greatest farmer in the world in Salinas Valley, and I pick you up and bring you to New Jersey and that knowledge doesn’t transfer,” says Irving Fain, founder and CEO of Bowery Farming. “You put the Bowery operating system inside of that farm, and that farm now has the knowledge and understanding of every crop we’ve ever grown and every process we’ve ever run immediately available to it. In essence, what we’re really doing is building a distributed network of farms, whereby every new farm that enters that network benefits from the collective knowledge of the network that came before it.”