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Fotis Dulos Wiki – Bio

Fotis Dulos was born in Turkey and grew up in Athens, Greece. Fotis Dulos is the CEO and founder of Fore Group Inc. In 2015 he was named Builder of the Year by the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Central Connecticut. He is the estranged husband of missing Connecticut woman Jennifer Farber Dulos, who vanished in New Canaan amid a contentious divorce case and child custody battle. His 50-year-old wife was last seen May 24 shortly after dropping their five children off at school in the Fairfield County town


Fotis Dulos Age

Fotis Dulos is  52 Years old

Fotis Dulos Facebook

Fotis Dulos Hobbies

Fotis also enjoys competitive water skiing, downhill skiing, architecture, reading, flying and playing Legos with his kids.”

Why Fotis Dulos Second Time Arrest

Fotis Dulos was arrested from his home in Farmington He was arrested for the second time on Wednesday afternoon. He is now facing additional tampering with evidence charge.

He got rid of his wife’s body in trash bags following a serious physical assault in her garage. A new 43-page warrant also shows how officials now believe and after driving his employee Pawel Gumienny’s Toyota Tacoma to her home in New Canaan.

Police analysis Including surveillance footage, phone records and DNA analysis, police concluded they have pieced together the details surrounding Jennifer’s disappearance and have even discovered the last known images of the 50-year-old driving home.

Jennifer vanished on May 24 as the couple was battling it out in court over their divorce and custody of their five children.

Fotis Dulos Education

Fotis got his early education from Athens College for his elementary, and then he attended middle and high school from 1975 to 1986. For graduation, He joined Brown University in 1986. Then he completed his degree in Bachelor of Arts in Applied Mathematics – Economic degree In 1989. Fotis Dulos completed his  MBA, Finance and International Business from Columbia Business School In 1997.

Fotis Dulos Career

Fotis Dulos is an American builder and he grew his interested in real estate. He started growing up because he told he was inspired by her sister who is 13 years older than I am, flourishes in a career as an architect, and I like the aesthetics of nice homes. So, I financed a home for a builder and paid very close attention to what he was doing. I realized it’s a pretty straightforward process and leverages a lot of the experiences I had in management consulting.”

Fotis Dulos has Started his career as a premier builder and developer in Farmington Valley. …  Fotis Dulos was named Builder of the Year in 2015 by the And he was a real estate master home Builders & Remodelers Association of Central Connecticut.

When he started straight to the super high end from the beginning, so we did some spec homes. People quickly realized we had the capability, so we got some custom work. But, as it turns out, we’re really fitted to the high end of the market.”

Fotis Dulos Networth

Dulos and his company still owe $1 million on a $1.5 million loan made in April 2015.

Moreover, several million-dollar homes that Dulos had recently sold, and a seven-home development, Jefferson Crossing, his company built in Farmington. He moved his family into one of the homes there.

Later in 2018, attorneys for Gloria Farber filed a revised complaint stating that Fotis Dulos had borrowed $2.3 million from a bank to buy his home in Farmington

Fotis Dulos Girl Friend

Michelle Troconis

Fotis Dulos Girlfriend name is  Michelle Troconis she is 44 years old, Fotis Dulos and her girlfriend already pleaded not guilty to evidence tampering and hindering prosecution charges.

after the bond of $500,000 on his second arrest, Wednesday Fotis said It’s a fatigue fight. He said He l love his children. That’s about it.’

But Connecticut State Police have now provided new details on what they think happened to Jennifer on the day she went missing, linking Fotis to her disappearance.

Fotis Dulos Children

Fotis Dulo has five Kids, three sons, and two daughters, Their ages are from 8 to 13 respectively. Fotis Dulo Children includes two sets of twins.

Fotis Dulos Sibling

Fotis has a sister known her name is Rena Dulos and has come out to defend her brother saying that the perception of her brother is not accurate; “I hope the truth will shine as soon as possible and people will understand that this is not the Fotis that they are thinking he is.”

Fotis Dulos Lawyer

Dulos’ lawyer name is Norm Pattis. They have thrown the kitchen sink at Mr. Dulos. All this and still no charge of murder. I guess the state has its own doubts about its case. We deny involvement and we look forward to questioning a lying lover and a handyman with something to hide.’

Jennifer’s blood was found mixed with Fotis Dulos’ DNA on the kitchen sink faucet of her home in New Canaan, according to authorities.

Dulos’ attorney Norm Pattis has previously argued that Jennifer may have staged her disappearance to raise suspicions about her estranged husband as they battled each other in divorce proceedings and for custody of their

His lawyer Pattis said Wednesday: ‘Apparently, Michelle has changed her tune and a handyman is telling tales to deflect attention from himself.

‘If this were Christmas morning, I’d be saying ‘I’ve waited all these months for this paltry gift? There’s not much here that we haven’t heard before.’

Fotis Dulos and Jennifer Farber Dulos Divorce

In November Jennifer complained in a court filing that the family’s health insurance lapsed “due to defendant’s failure to pay” and that she was “unable to take the children to certain medical appointments” — to which Fotis allegedly replied she should “pay out of pocket.”

According to the court papers, Jennifer claimed that Fotis has been jet-setting to Europe with his live-in girlfriend while telling sob stories about how he couldn’t afford child support, medical insurance for his kids, or a divorce lawyer.

Fotis claimed that his construction company was losing so much money that he couldn’t afford a divorce lawyer. But according to Jennifer in court papers filed in July 2018, she claimed that he apparently didn’t stop him from living it up.

“As recently as June and July 2018, the defendant and his paramour have vacationed in Greece and Spain for an extended period of time.”

Fotis Dulos Gloria Farber

Gloria Farber is the mother in law to Fotis Dulos. According to a new report, it is alleged that Fotis owned his mother-in-law $1 million. Gloria in 2018 filed a complaint against Fotis claiming that he owed her $1 million as her and her late husband had loaned Fotis $1.5 million for business and had only repaid $500,000.


Fotis Dulos Suspect

Fotis Dulos and his together girlfriend Daniela arrested and charged with evidence hindering tampering and hindering prosecution. According to court, the evidence against them includes “multiple stains on the garage floor which tested positive for human blood” at Jennifer’s New Canaan home. The document continues to say that there were “multiple areas of blood splatter” — and “evidence of attempts to clean the crime scene.”

According to court documents, Fotis’ cellphone records and area surveillance footage indicate that he stopped “at over 30 locations.”

The court document says that a man matching Foti’s description was in a truck matching Fotis’s description. He is said to have left the vehicle during stops and placing multiple garbage bags into various trash receptacles. His passenger who is believed to be Tronconis would lean out of the truck and be seen “either placing something on the ground or picking up an item.”

Testing showed that “numerous items recovered from trash receptacles” were “found to contain Jennifer Dulos’ blood.”

The two were arraigned in Norwalk Superior Court on June 3, 2019, and held on $500,000 bond.

On Wednesday, June 26, Fotis Dulos criminal defense lawyer, Norm Pattis, said Fotis “has information that may help shed light on Jennifer’s disappearance” and wants to meet with prosecutors.

He added that they were contemplating the revenge suicide hypothesis, as it is alleged Jennifer committed revenge suicide; “You heard us say today in court comments that Jennifer made to Mr. Dulos that give us great concern for her safety and well-being. We are actively contemplating the revenge suicide hypothesis as an explanation for her disappearance.

He can discuss what Jennifer told him in the weeks before her disappearance. We will soon be arranging what’s called a proffer session. Under that, he will be waiving his Fifth Amendment right against incrimination because we don’t think the comments incriminate him.”


Fast Facts You Must Need to Know

  • Fotis Dulos, 52, was arrested at his home in Farmington for the second time on Wednesday and is facing additional tampering with evidence charge
  • The new warrant shows what cops believe happened the day Jennifer went missing 
  • They say Fotis ‘lay in wait’ for his wife before a serious assault in her garage
  • Footage shows his employee’s Toyota, which he had access to, near her home
  • Her car is then seen leaving her house with Dulos ‘operating the vehicle carrying her body and a number of other items associated with the clean-up’, police say  
  • The owner of the Toyota said Dulos repeatedly told him to change the seats and police say he took the car to be cleaned five days after Jennifer went missing
  • Fotis’ girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, also told police she could not provide an alibi
  • Troconis told officers ‘the body of Jennifer at some point was in [the car]’
  • Jennifer vanished on May 24 amid a custody battle over the couple’s children 

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