Germ gadget finds millions of germs on common surfaces – WESH 2 Orlando

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It’s a little gadget that measures the presence of bacteria and other matter that can make people sick–the Nova Lum II by Charm Sciences Inc.
All you have to do is open up the swab and rub it on a surface you want to test.
The higher the number means the more germs are present. Any number more than 5,000 is considered a fail.

Then, you put the swab back into the tube.
WESH 2’s Michelle Meredith was surprised to find her dining room table reached a whopping 19,000 on the germ scale. She says she even cheated and cleaned it with disinfectant before the test.

The doorknob on Michelle’s house also failed as it clocked in close to 110,000 on the germ scale.

Michelle’s Jeep’s steering wheel was also a total disaster with a little under 300,000 germs detected.
And when she checked her laptop, which appeared clean, the number on the germ detector showed a number more than 197,000.
After giving the laptop a quick clean, the germ detector found only about 10,000 germs.
“I need to get my act together,” Michelle said.
She went off-site to put the germ detector to the test. She decided on testing gas pumps, something that literally hundreds of people touch a day. The germ count there was more than 1 million.

Next, the ATM clocked in at 1.3 million germs, close to the number found on the gas pump.
In conclusion, two things tested, both the gas pump and ATM, had more than a million germs on them. And nothing WESH 2 tested passed the germ test.

Be diligent. Use disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer and don’t let your guard down.
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