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Here’s a Quick Way to get AdSense Approval Easily

I know how frustrating it is when you try to apply for Google AdSense Account and got disapproved, you feel like ‘ooh! what the heck is this!’, you start asking yourself silly questions like; what’s causing this? am i not working hard on my blog? how do John Doe get his Adsense Account approved? and series of similar questions which might make you search online for;

  • How to get Adsense approval,
  • Adsense approval trick,
  • Google Adsense approval,
  • Adsense approval and other searches which might have led you here.

You are at the right place to get compelling answers to your questions pertaining to Google AdSense approval so do not hesitate to continue reading.

The problem might be from tutorials you have being reading elsewhere online, just saying tho.

“To get Google Adsense approval is easy once you abide by the terms and conditions of Google AdSense program”

Joseph Seyi Taiwo

I started blogging right from 2015 when i graduated from high school, i haven’t cash out a dime from ads except from sponsored guest post and affiliate marketing. I couldn’t figure out the possible cause of dissapproval from google adsense until they roll out a policy which helped me get the real cause. So in this post, I’ll share the secret(as i may call it) of my adsense approval.

Please pardon me for my vocabulary, i’m a learner.

Understanding AdSense

Adsense had a new policy as of January 2019 and it makes a lot of sense apart from the fact that all sites that is to be associated with an AdSense account needs to be reviewed before AdSense starts to serve ads on the site. That’s not a problem for me and it might not be a problem for you too if you follow the guidelines that follows.

Putting that aside, AdSense now takes a day or less to approve or disapprove your application unlike before that you need to wait for days, weeks or even months before getting reply to your application.

That’s great right? Yes it is.

It seems I am talking too much, don’t mind me, I just have to, so that you understand the whole scope behind getting Adsense approval easily.

So here we go;

How to Get AdSense Approval Quickly

  • Make your content Adsense ready.
  • Make your blog design Adsense ready.
  • Add necessary pages.
  • Apply for AdSense.

Make your Content AdSense Ready

First thing, you need to make your articles unique before applying for AdSense. A lot of people recommends 70% unique contents but I go against this suggestion because that was what was stopping me from getting Adsense approval earlier. So I move copied content that was posted by another author to draft and applied for Adsense and got approved.

So, here’s what to do;

  1. Write at least 5 unique posts,
  2. Make sure the post’s are 1000 words or more, (no limit)
  3. Draft or trash(delete) copied content on your blog,
  4. You are now ready to go.

Wait, you’re not done yet, you need to;

Make your blog design AdSense ready

Considering your blog design is also a must when applying for AdSense.

Did you know? A simple but user friendly design is what AdSense needs for them to approve your blog.

Have you ever wonder why the design of this blog is simple and clean? It’s because we have you and others reading this blog in mind and want the best for you.

Clean design makes content more visible to readers, makes readers focus on what they are reading and that’s what Google wants.

Making your blog easy to navigate for mobile and desktop is also crucial.

Here’s what to do;

  1. Use dark text on white background since such design make reading on devices easier for everyone.
  2. Use sans-serif font on your blog instead of serif or fancy fonts. Sans-serif fonts are more readable than serif fonts on computer.
  3. Make your text big enough to read, 14 to 18 pixels is recommended.
  4. Do not add counter, fancy clocks, or other unnecessary widgets on your blog.
  5. Use good layout for your blog. Header, article, sidebar and footer is recommended, whereas header, article and footer is better.

You might hire a professional web designer to do aforementioned for you or get a free or paid theme or templates from theme stores online.

Necessary pages

Before I forget, you also need some pages in order to get Adsense approval easily. These are;

  • Privacy Policy
  • About page, and
  • Contact page.

These pages are necessary because they let users what data you collect and how you use those data including third party apps like Google AdSense. It make users knows what your blog is meant for and way to reach the administrator or editor of the blog easily.

To do list;

  1. Create About page and clearly explain what your blog is all about.
  2. Create a Contact page and add a contact form or plain email address you can be reached with plus your social media handles and contact phone.
  3. Create a Privacy Policy page and explain personal data you collect and how you manage these data. Add disclosure that Ads from third party apps like AdSense may be displayed.

If you have done all these listed above, you can apply for AdSense but wait, lets see how to do that.

Here's a Quick Way to get AdSense Approval Easily

How to Apply for Google AdSense

Total Time: 10 minutes

Go to AdSense Website

Here's a Quick Way to get AdSense Approval Easily

Go to Google AdSense official website and click on SIGN UP NOW.

Use your Existing Google Account or Create new Account

Select your existing google account or sign in to your existing google account or create new google account if you have none.

Enter your Website Address

Here's a Quick Way to get AdSense Approval Easily

Enter your blog URL and other necessary information and click on SAVE AND CONTINUE.

Select Country

Here's a Quick Way to get AdSense Approval Easily

Select your Country or territory of residence.

Accept T&Cs

Here's a Quick Way to get AdSense Approval Easily

Read and understand Google AdSense Agreement and select Yes, I have read and accept the agreement.

Create Account

Here's a Quick Way to get AdSense Approval Easily


Add Your Address and Contact Phone Number

Add your mailing address and your phone number.

Add Verification Code to Your Website

Add AdSense verification code to your website and wait for reply from Google AdSense.

These are steps you need to take and note that all information must be correct

How to get adsense approval

That’s just it. But here is a problem, if you fail to share this post with your friends, you wont get approval from Google AdSense.

Lol, i was just joking but sharing this post might help someone with this same problem.

If you face any difficulties, kindly drop a comment below. If you got approved, your comments are also welcomed.


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