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How Digital Wallet is Beneficial For Us


Are you tired of holding big wallets that are overflowing or are you still one of those who carry big messy ones that are full of credit cards, cash, family pictures, driver’s license, insurance identification, shopping loyalty cards and many more? The wallet grows thicker every day and managing these easy tasks becomes a hustle.

People are getting smart day by day they know how to shed the extra load off in life. That is one of the reasons why a huge number of people are shifting towards digital currency and tend to keep Digital wallets.

By the end of 2019, almost 32 million crypto wallets have been detected, out of 32 million people, 7.1 million of the users are Americans. South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria are among the top 5 countries that have searched the keyword “Crypto Currency“. But the famous crypto exchanges don’t work in those areas. Looking in-depth at this loophole “Angelium” that works on Crypto currency and block chain has decided to provide its services to all the areas and localities in the world. Angelium has a way of doing its work, they know what a user fears the most, Privacy and Security.

To ensure the security and to gain the trust of the user “Angelium” writes a smart contract with all the transactions taking place so that the user knows how, when and where the transaction is taking place. The history of transactions is available for the users to keep track but Privacy is ensured by not showing the name of the user.

To Get Registered at Angelium you just have to follow these easy steps

  1. Firstly, you need to log in yourself at your email or number.
  2. Make your account, Apply for the evaluation of a wallet
  3. Create the wallet and start keeping your money in it.

PROS of Digital Wallets:

  1. It offers more security
  2. More convenient to use
  3. Can be used on different shopping platforms and retails
  4. Helps in maintaining a budget
  5. Opens gates to new rewards

Upwards of 25% of online shoppers abandon their orders due to frustration in filling in forms. The digital wallet combats this problem by giving users the option to transfer their information securely and accurately. This simplified approach to completing transactions results in better usability and ultimately more utility for the customer.

There is still one limitation, Digital wallets are not applicable worldwide. Though we hope in the coming days we’ll be able to use E-Wallets.


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