How to Delete Your Clash Royale Account

If you have changed your mind about Clash Royale and would like to consider deleting your account, you have come to the right page. Here, we have discussed how to delete your Clash Royale account.

To delete a Clash Royale account, you must contact Clash Royale support. This can be done from your settings in the Clash Royale app. Also, ensure you ask to delete your data when contacting Clash Royale support. However, you have to give a reason for requesting deletion.

After a while, a representative will get back to you with a response asking you if you would like to proceed with the deletion or otherwise. If you proceed, your Clash Royale account will be deleted entirely in 14 days.

How to Delete Your Clash Royale Account

For a detailed guide to delete your Clash Royale account, kindly follow these steps:

  1. Open Clash Royale, tap the menu icon and select Settings to see your settings.
  2. Next, go to Help and Support >> Help and Support, and you will be taken to the Clash Royale Support page.
  3. On the support page, go to Account >> Contact Us >> Message Us >> Others >> Delete My Data.
  4. A Clash Royale Support chat will be opened, displaying likely categories you might be needing help with. Tap Others, then Delete My Data.
  5. To request the deletion of your account, select Continue and share your reason for deletion.
  6. Now, you have to wait for a while for a representative to get to you about the deletion status of your Clash Royale account. You will be asked if you still want to delete your account or not.
  7. Ask to proceed, and your account deletion process will begin and be entirely deleted in 14 days.


All in-game currency and progress are deleted alongside your data. However, your Supercell account or your account for another Supercell game won’t be deleted. You have to specify it in the live chat with their support to delete it.

You can also cancel your deletion request 14 days after submitting this request. To do this, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Clash Royale support and submit a request.

We have come to the end of this guide. I hope that you can delete your account with ease following this guideline. If you found this helpful, ensure you share it with friends.

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