How To Edit Blogger Blog's Footer 4

Blogger’s Blog footer do have an expression with a link to homepage ‘Powered By Blogger’, it might be annoying at times but it helps a lot, it makes you readers create a blog easily and to know the platform you’re blogging, removing it is not advisable but some may want to edit it or removing it and changing it to there own taste, the two easy ways below will actually help.

    • Login to your blogger account.
    • Visit your blog when you’re logged in
    • Scroll down until you see Powered by Blogger. At the front of this, you will see a toolbar(spanner and screwdriver), click on it.
    • You can now edit it to your taste. You can also use html codes for editing.
    • You can also remove the widget. 
    • Let’s assume that you’ve login to your dashboard
    • Click on the blog you’re going to edit
    • Click on templates
    • After the preview of your blog, you’ll see Edit HTML, click on it
    • Locate Attribution1 by using jump to widgets or using browser’s search in page feature, remove the entire widget code and save. 

Troubled changing it, drop your comments.

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