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How To Enable ‘Care Reaction’ on Facebook

During the Coronavirus pandemic, Facebook has launched new reaction emoji named ‘Care‘, a virtual hug reaction to show you care about someone during this pandemic.

How To Enable 'Care Reaction' on Facebook
Screenshot of Facebook reactions containing Care reaction from Facebook lite app

In this post, I’m going to show you how to activate Care Reaction on your Facebook account.

A lot of ways are spreading online particularly Facebook pages and groups on how to enable the Care Reaction but all of these are fake and just a tricky way to grow their pages or groups.

They tell you to like their pages and share a post to your timeline or a number of people to enable the care reaction.

Some are even asking for a price to help you enable care reaction. All are scam and are for greedy purposes.

The fact is that, the reaction will appear on it’s own without you doing anything. But wait, following the instructions below may speed the process of getting the care reaction.

I don’t not guarantee this to work but as I said earlier, it MAY speed up the process so let’s start.

How To Enable’Care Reaction’

Below are what you can do to speed up getting care emoji on your Facebook account.

Get Your Platform Updated

Make sure your Facebook app, Messenger or Facebook lite app is updated.

Use Existing Reaction Often

Make sure you are using the existing reaction more often, especially the love reaction, this will let Facebook know that you really need the care reaction.

That just the little I know you can do to trigger the care reaction.

Now wait till you see the message below on your timeline and once it appears, it means you can now use Care reaction on Facebook.

How To Enable 'Care Reaction' on Facebook

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