Several reports shows that internet scam is getting out of hand, in fact, everyone is at risk of being scammed. Scammers nowadays uses trick that people can easily fall for, for example, the uses money making with ease to trap people, this is easy, isn’t it? Almost everyone likes money and we wanted to make it easily. But wait is there anyway to avoid being scammed? Follow me as i analyse what you should and shouldn’t do;

How To Stay Away From Internet Scams 4

  • Be Realistic
  • Anytime you came across something on the internet, have it in mind that you probably can get scammed, be it mailbox, social media, websites, phone call or even text messages.

  • Be Contented
  • Almost everyone wants huge money so, do not rush into any business that promises huge return over little investment since the probability of getting scammed is high.

  • Be Secured
  • Never share your address, phone number, email address or any other personal identity with a stranger. Keep your ATM cards save, never share any of the card’s details with anyone. Keep your password safe, always make sure you login in a secured mode, that is https(padlock will be visible in the address bar).
    When shopping online, make sure the website or mobile app is secure.

  • Know How Scammers Operates
  • There are several trick scammers uses to scam, so be aware of their tricks, some of the trick include, phishing mails, phishing website, rich quick businesses, fake ebooks, and many others. We’ll discuss many of this on this blog very soon so take a brake and bookmark this link CyberSecurity

  • Keep Your Devices Secure
  • Keep your device’s protection software or app up to date, secure your device with a password and do not share your password with anyone. Keep your WiFi save, use password for your WiFi and never enter your banking information with public Wi-Fi or public computers.

  • Know Who You Are Dealing With
  • Most websites are set up for scamming purpose so before making any payments, take a break and search for “‘the company name’ review or scam” in your favorite search engine to know what people are saying about the company, if you found nothing about the company, then it’s probably new and scam, leave and find alternatives.

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