Content and designing of the website, both are the most essential and powerful tools to get a wide range of traffic on the website. Have you ever seen any shopping site? Are you thinking that they get traffic just because of their products? Do they get traffic through their online shopping deals by offering discount codes to people?

No, they get traffic because of the designing and content of the site. Before taking any decision always take a look at the competitor’s site. Analyze their designing how they design? Which colors catch the eyes of people? Content and designing of the site must be unique and enticing, because this is the prominent tool for engaging lots of traffic.


The title is the first impression upon the readers. If the social media person of the marketing team posts the blog on any social networking site so the first impression is the title that has shown in the attached link of the blog. Attractive title entices readers to click on the post and then they read it.

If you will write an attractive title so the readers engage to read the content and thus, through this way lots of traffic has generated and it is ultimately turned in to revenue. Writers must aware of the consumer’s perception, likes, and dislikes. If the writer knows about that so he/she will write title and content regarding their interests.


The introduction paragraph is the next prominent thing after the title. Readers always read the introduction paragraph after engaging in the site. The first paragraph should be written creatively to entice consumers that the whole content is very informative and it is necessary to read.

Companies hire the SEO content writer to write unique and adorable content. Their creative way of writing always engages the readers to read the whole article. Their unique writing style and creative thinking make the content attractive.


Content should be SEO based because the SEO technique is essential for ranking the site. If the writer put all the keywords technically so the content will easily get the top ranking on the Google Search Engine. Creative SEO writers have well expertise in adding the keywords in the article.

If any article has not done according to SEO keywords so it becomes difficult to drive the digital marketing campaign of the site and to reach the site at the top of the search engine. Reaching the site at the top of the search engine generates revenue by getting more and more clicks on the site.

It doesn’t matter, whether your business is online or local. As you know consumers attract by sales promotional deals through which consumers get discounts and thus save their money. But content is the most essential tool to entice consumers to buy the product. Slogan and punch lines have written along with the description in the content through which lots of clicks occur and thus it turns into the rapid growth of the company.