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The Ramp is an absolute joy, don’t miss out
Paul Schnepf is the person behind the indie skateboarding game The Ramp, otherwise known as the developer Hyperparadise. This developer released the game on PC in August, and over the last three months, The Ramp has received a lot of praise, and for a good reason, it's a chill game with spot-on physics where you can pull off some nifty tricks with the flick of your thumb. The mobile port has officially launched today, and you can trial the first stage for free. If you like what you see, you can pay $3 to unlock the rest of the game's content. There's no high score, no leaderboard, no missions, no bosses, this is a game solely about having fun, and it succeeds in this endeavor.
For a quick look at what to expect from The Ramp, check out the trailer above. As you can see, the game revolves around the basics, like riding a skateboard on a selection of ramps. Of course, a game like this succeeds or fails depending on its controls, and thankfully the controls are pretty dang good. Granted, you will have to practice with the touch controls, but if you've ever played a skateboarding game, things should click quickly. Simply pump before and after ramp transitions to gain some air, and move the left software thumbstick to steer. Tricks are pulled off by moving the pump button in several directions as you're mid-air. There's also a grind button so you can pull off some slick 50-50s. Better yet, physical controllers are supported out of the box, which means the game is much more viable on tablets and Chromebooks since the touch controls are unwieldy on large screens. Plus, there's no denying that controllers offer much more tactility for precision skating, which is easily my preferred way to play this game.
At the outset, there's only one level available, with a single ramp, but if you wish to play through the entire game, you can pay $2.99 through a single in-app purchase to unlock the other three levels. That's a dollar a level, which isn't bad at all, and it's $3 cheaper than the Steam version.
If, like me, you're the sort that prefers premium releases that can be played for hours on end, then look no further than The Ramp. The game's music is fantastic, and each level is super chill while offering plenty of lines for some enthralling skateboarding. Once you get a rhythm going, the gameplay flows, and since there are no goals, you can skate your days away without any annoyances. So if this sounds good to you, make sure to grab the free install for The Ramp from the Play Store widget below.
But only on the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro
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