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Edward Putman Wiki

Edward Putman, from Kings Langley in Hertfordshire, was given a nine-year sentence in October after conspiring with Camelot worker Giles Knibbs to use a bogus ticket in March 2009.

A conman rapist who was jailed for nine years for claiming a £2.5million jackpot using a fake ticket is appealing the verdict.

Edward Putman Age

He is 54 years old.

Edward Putman jailed For Faking £2.5m

Edward Putman (left)  conspired with Giles Knibbs (right), a Camelot insider, to cheat the system and present a counterfeit slip to claim the outstanding top prize in 2009

But the builder’s fraud was undone after Knibbs confessed to his friends that he had “cheated” the Lottery before taking his own life after a furious discussion about how the profits were divided.

The criminal appeal court listing office has confirmed Putman’s appeal is in its early stages but no hearing date has been listed, according to The Sun.

Previously, Putman was jailed for seven years for raping a 17-year-old girl in 1991.

But Judge Philip Grey refused a prosecution application to tell the jury in his latest trial about the previous convictions.

In 2012, he was also jailed for nine months for a £13,000 benefit fraud.

When Mr. Knibbs ‘mother, Anne, 74, found out about the appeal, he said:’ That is the first thing we knew about it. ‘We’ve had enough of the whole thing. We are just trying to recover our lives. ” It is said that Knibbs only received £ 280,000 of the earnings of £ 2.5 million. The genuine winning ticket, which was purchased at Worcester, has never been discovered.

Camelot paid Putman the jackpot even though the bottom of the shattered slip did not have the barcode. The scam began to crumble after the friendship between former business partners, Knibbs and Putman, deteriorated. Knibbs sought revenge on his former friend because he had not given his agreed part of the raffle winnings of March 11, 2009. Before he died, Knibbs told his friends about his conspiracy with Putman, a builder who had worked at an extension at his home in Bricket Wood, Hertfordshire. In June 2015, Putman went to the police alleging that Knibbs had threatened to reveal his previous convictions for the rape of a 17-year-old girl in 1991 and benefit fraud in 2012. He also reported that Mr. Knibbs had stolen his mobile phone and damaged the rearview mirror of his car.

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