Karis Braithwaite (jumped to her death) Wiki, Age, Bio, Cause Of Death, Family, Fast fact You Need To Know

Karis Braithwaite (jumped to her death) Wiki, Age, Bio, Cause Of Death, Family, Fast fact You Need To Know

Karis Braithwaite Wiki

Karis Braithwaite, 24, from Dagenham, who was a patient at Goodmayes Hospital in northeast London, had tried to take her life just the previous day.

Karis Braithwaite Age

She Was 24 years old.

Karis Braithwaite Previous Life

Karis had suffered from depression since she was 13-years-old and had a long history of suicide attempts.

Karis had tried to end her life by jumping onto the tracks at a station in Dagenham the day before she died but the approaching train managed to come to stop and three members of the public helped pull her off the tracks.

Karis Braithwaite in Hospital

An investigation heard that hospital staff were told that Karis had “an active suicide plan” and was not “receptive” to receiving a delivery from paramedics who emphasized their concerns about Karis. She was admitted to the hospital and evaluated the next day. During the 27-minute evaluation, he told staff that he was no longer suicidal, but that he wished his previous attempt had been successful. The staff did not see key information from their records and did not know the full details of what had happened the day before.

She was discharged at 2.30 pm and instead of being taken home in a taxi with a member of hospital staff she caught two buses to Goodmayes Station, where she took her life at 3.28 pm.

Karis Braithwaite Cause Of Death

A report found that Karis ‘showed clear and unequivocal evidence of suicidal behavior of the highest risk’ and that ‘the decision to discharge Karis so soon after the incident was not based on reliable information.’

A trust spokesman told The Mirror: ‘We have offered our sincere condolences to Karis’ family and friends following the tragic death of Karis.

‘We are now in the process of putting the coroner’s recommended actions in place and it would not be appropriate for us to comment further at this stage, in view of an ongoing legal claim.’

Karis’ stepfather Mark

Karis’ stepfather Mark said she was an amazing girl and that her family was devastated to lose her

A father has told of his anger after his daughter jumped to her death only 58 minutes after she was released from a mental health unit.

Karis Braithwaite investigation

An investigation into her care by the staff at the hospital found that the decision to send her home after a 27-minute assessment was ‘flawed’.

Karis’ stepfather Mark has now criticized the North East London Foundation Trust and said he believes she would still be alive today if NHS staff had admitted her.


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