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Laa Chol

Laa Chol Wiki

Laa Chol struggled against two teens during the last moments of her life before a knife was produced and a single “underarm” thrust punctured her heart, a court has heard.

Laa Chol, 19, argued with two teens before she was stabbed to death

A Victorian children’s court today heard graphic new details of the attack that ended the 19-year-old’s life inside a Melbourne high-rise rental apartment on the 56th floor of the EQ Tower on July 21 last year.

Commander Tim Hansen, of the North West Metro region, previously told reporters Ms. Chol died from “assault-related injuries” when a group of people crashed a party she was attending. Neighbors reportedly heard “horrendous screaming” and there are unverified reports Ms. Chol was stabbed to death.

The court heard Ms. Chol argued with two teens who refused to leave a party at the premises. She believed her phone had been stolen and confronted the teens when a violent struggle ensued.

Laa Chol Killer Name

A teen thug who gatecrashed a city Airbnb party had begged for a lesser charge, but could now face life in prison after being convicted over stabbing the uni student in the heart.

The teenage boy thug 17-year-old charged with Laa Chol’s murder — who cannot be named — allegedly pulled a knife from his pocket and swung it from his hip into the victim’s chest.

Laa Chol Death Cause

Laa Chol died after an early morning row broke out between two groups in Melbourne on July 21 last year.

She did not immediately go down and continued to fight back. Later, her friends thought she was having an asthma attack but she died at the apartment before paramedics arrived.

Prosecutors said Ms. Laa Chol’s accused killer delivered a “straightforward action” with the knife, rather than an underarm action.

“Plunging a knife into the torso with force was intended to cause serious injury,” a lawyer said.

“The knife goes into the victim where (the accused) has intended it to go.”

Laa Chol Facebook:

Laa Chol Lawyer

Sam Norton, the lawyer for the accused, argued in court today that while his client’s actions constituted a “tragedy”, there was insufficient evidence to prove he wanted to kill Ms. Laa Chol.

“The stab wound happens in a very swift, senseless matter,” Mr. Norton said.

“There’s no question it’s deliberate but it’s not in a swinging, side-arm motion. It is inconsistent with aiming for the upper chest.”

Laa Chol Family

Laa Chol’s family revealed their devastation outside court today. But the magistrate deemed the boy’s intent at the time was a matter for a jury to determine. She committed him to stand trial and he will face a Supreme Court directions hearing on March 13.

The court today heard Ms. Chol was “held for a period of time” and was “struggling against an attack on her” but that the teen accused of her murder did not want to inflict further damage after he stabbed her.

“There is that use of the knife on that one occasion … he does not seek to land any other blows,” Mr Norton said.

“It points away from an intention to inflict really serious injury.”

Laa Chol Murder CCTV Footage

The incident was recorded on CCTV but the vision does not clearly show the moment Ms. Chol was stabbed.

Ms. Laa Chol’s mother walked from the courtroom in tears today as the details of her daughter’s death were readout.

But the magistrate said the CCTV footage, which shows the lead-up to the fight and parts of the struggle, does not help the accused.

The EQ Tower on A'Beckett Street in Melbourne where Laa Chol was fatally stabbed. Picture: Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

The EQ Tower on A’Beckett Street in Melbourne where Laa Chol was fatally stabbed. Picture: Quinn Rooney/Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

Laa Chol Argued with Killer

A jury has found a 17-year-old boy guilty of murdering Melbourne teenager Laa Chol by knifing her at a party.

Although he confessed to stabbing the 19-year-old in July last year during a violent scuffle in a Melbourne apartment tower, the boy said he didn’t intend to kill or seriously injure the university student.

But the jury rejected the boy’s plea of manslaughter, returning a unanimous verdict in the Supreme Court of Victoria on Friday.

Laa Chol and Teenage dispute

“There was a fight going on,” she said. “There appears to have been ill-feeling. She’s saying to them ‘Get out’ and there was at the very least a dispute. The deceased is saying ‘Who’s got my phone?’

“There’s a kick (the accused) delivers after the stabbing. It may be that he thinks ‘I’ve done a good enough job with the stabbing’. He backs off after he stabs her.”

The stab wound pierced Ms. Laa Chol’s right ventricle at a depth of 8.5cm but Mr. Norton argued his client only used “moderate” force.

She said there was significant post-offense conduct after Ms. Laa Chol’s death, including the accused allegedly discarding a bloodstained pair of jeans.

Outside court, Ms. Laa Chol’s father Daniel said he was heartbroken but would let the courts decide the best course of action. He said his family was struggling eight months after losing his oldest daughter.

“How do I survive?” he said. “How do my family survive? How does my community survive?

“I can’t get another Laa. She was doing good for Australia. Now they took (her), they threw (her) in the rubbish.”

Suspected Killer pleaded guilty

The teenager has been charged with murder after being interviewed by detectives from the homicide squad. Prosecutors rejected an offer in November for the teen to plead guilty to manslaughter. He will go before a jury after next Wednesday’s directions hearing inside the Victorian Supreme Court.

Fast Facts You Must Need to Know

  • The jury has found 17-year-old boy guilty of murdering teenager Laa Chol
  • The boy admitted to knifing Laa Chol but said he did not intend to kill her
  • The jury rejected the boy’s plea of manslaughter and returned a unanimous verdict 

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