Missing Girl Amelia Bambridge Wiki, Age, Bio, Family, Missing, Husband, Education, many More Facts You Need To Know

Missing Girl Amelia Bambridge Wiki, Age, Bio, Family, Missing, Husband, Education, many More Facts You Need To Know

Amelia Bambridge Biography – Amelia Bambridge Wiki

Amelia Bambridge of Worthing was last seen by fellow travelers in Koh Rong on Wednesday. The 21-year-old girl, who is in a sabbatical year, had to leave her youth hostel at noon today to leave the island later this afternoon with a friend. Amelia Bambridge, 21, of Worthing, was traveling alone for the first time on the island of Koh Rong, southwest of mainland Cambodia.

Amelia Bambridge  Age

Amelia Bambridge is 21 years old.

Amelia Bambridge Missing

She was last seen at a beach party 40 minutes from her hostel at 3 am on Wednesday.

Amelia Bambridge Mother Linda Bambridge

Concerned mother Linda Bambridge, 52, is taking an emergency flight to the island to join a search group for locals and worried police. While preparing to leave the family home in Worthing, Ms. Bambridge said: ‘I have several people to contact in Cambodia. ‘I go to Bangkok, take another flight to the country and then transport me from the capital to the coast. “From there I will take a ferry and I hope to arrive at 2 pm tomorrow afternoon, local time.”

Amelia Bambridge Phone, Purse, the handbag was found the beach

Amelia’s purse, which had her purse, phone, and bank cards, was found on the beach after a party held on Wednesday night. Your passport is still in the hostel, the Nest Beach Club. It is understood that there are no lights from the beach to the Nest Beach Club, which is 40 minutes away.

Mother Linda Bambridge about her daughter

Her mother has now been told by the hostel’s manager that her daughter has “been declared officially missing”.

His purse, which had his purse, phone, and bank cards, was found at a nearby beach. The passport of the former BHASVIC student remains at the Nest Beach Club where he was staying. His mother, Linda Bambridge, who learned about the news in the last hour, said: “This is very out of line, it is usually so

Linda Bambridge Last time conversations

Amelia’s sister Georgie, 19, is near her and said Amelia sent her family a message each time she had Wi-Fi.

She said, “She has a strong mind, is very sensitive and very organized.

“Last year, he looked for a woman on Google alone, viewed pages and blogs and solved everything.

I’m shocked, she has never done anything like this.

“I talked to her on Wednesday and she usually sends us messages from time to time when she has Wi-Fi.

“I told him to post lots of pictures online to see what he was doing. It’s terrible, but we have to be positive and it has to be found.

Amelia left the UK last month after completing an internship.

Ryan Harris, 18, who was part of the group that traveled with the 21-year-old through the Asian country, raised the alarm.

Ryan moved to another island to rejoin Miss Bambridge.

The Cambodian police were informed, but Ryan said that nothing was going to be done to Miss. Bambridge had been missing for 72 hours.

He said, “She was one of the first people I met here a week ago.

“I met them in Phnom Penh and went by boat to Koh Rong, spent a few days together and met other people in a large group.

We went to a neighboring island, but she stayed there with another girl I know who traveled with us on the ship.

“So I had to go back to Koh Rong after leaving my passport at the hostel. When I got there, two people told me that I was missing.

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