Natalie Seymour ( British backpacker found dead ) Wiki, Age, Bio, Family, Cause Of Death, Net Worth, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Natalie Seymour ( British backpacker found dead ) Wiki, Age, Bio, Family, Cause Of Death, Net Worth, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Natalie Seymour Wiki

A young British backpacker and her Canadian travel companion were found dead in a Cambodian shelter a few hours after becoming ill, an investigation was reported today. Natalie Seymour, 22, had sent a message to her mother in the UK to tell her that she and her friend Abbey Gail Amisola, 27, had a strong stomach upset and went out to seek help.

Natalie Seymour Age

She was 22 years old.

Death Investigation

Today, a coroner investigating Ms. Seymour’s death issued an inconclusive open verdict after hearing that she and her friend had brought an unknown over-the-counter medication. The audience heard that they got sick with serious illnesses and diarrhea shortly after arriving at the shelter in November 2017. Cambodian authorities examined Ms. Seymour’s phone and discovered that she had been searching Google for her symptoms. She wrote in a search: “I vomit so much that I have chest pains.” In another, she said: ‘My belly hurts, but I don’t feel sick. It’s weird, what’s going on. ‘

The traveler was also worried about the color of his vomit: yellow and dark green. The investigation in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, heard how Mrs. Seymour, from Shefford, had flown from Britain in November 2017 to Cambodia to meet Mrs. Amisola, whom she had met a year earlier in Bali.

Ms. Seymour had quit her job as an account manager and flew on a one-way ticket, hoping to satisfy her thirst for adventure. She provided daily updates to her family. After arriving in the city of Kampot, in the southwest, she and Mrs. Amisola booked at the Monkey Republic Pension but became ill shortly after.

Other backpackers brought them food and drink as their conditions deteriorated, but due to the remote location of the hostel, there was no hospital nearby. A local villager took the women in a car to a local doctor, but when they arrived they were unconscious and took them back to the shelter. They were found dead a few hours later.

Ms. Seymour’s body was returned to Britain and the Hertfordshire police opened an investigation into her death. Paul Myhill, a scene of the crime officer with force, said there was no evidence of “foul play.”

Blood samples taken by Cambodian officials from Ms. Seymour’s body could not be tested because there was no proper labeling on the vials, but a post-mortem was carried out at Lister Hospital in Stevenage.

When the first inquest was opened into Ms. Seymour’s death in 2018, its cause could not be determined.


Dr. Rajiv Swamy, who performed the autopsy, told the latest investigation that he had found evidence of liver damage caused by ‘drug toxicity’, and considered it as the cause of death. He said that this was sometimes seen as a result of taking over-the-counter medications such as paracetamol or anticonvulsants used to treat seizures. But the coroner Sullivan registered an open verdict, which means he couldn’t be specific about what caused his death.

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