You might have heard of NNU, it is trending on various social networks simply because of its Income program.
NNU stands for Nigerian News Update. It is launched in order to be a news platform where every Nigerian reads what’s going on in Nigeria. The interesting part of NNU is that, they pay you for reading news, posting news, commenting on news, sharing news and referring someone to join NNU and they call this NNU Income Program. Below is full review of NNU and NNU Income Program.

What Is NNU?

NNU is a new digital news plaform lauched in 2017 to provide news updates for all Nigerians everywhere. NNU is an acronym of Nigerian News Update which means exactly what it is meant to provide. NNU also has a forum where registered members voice their opinion on anything. NNU also share its ad revenue with registered members that read news, share sponsored post on twitter or facebook, comment on news updates and post on forums, this is known as NNU Income Program.

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What Is NNU Income Program?

NNU Income Program lets you earn money on NNU when you register and subscribe to NNU Income Package. NNU Income Package is a combination of NNU Ad Revenue Share(NARS) and NNU Affiliate Program(NAP). Below is the breakdown;

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NNU Ad Revenue Sharing:

NNU Ad Revenue Sharing lets you earn money when login daily, comment, read posts, post forum topics and share sponsored post to facebook or twitter. As the name implies, you earn share of NNU Ad Revenue.

NNU Affiliate Program:

NNU Affiliate Program lets you earn 62.5% commission per refferal on anyone that join NNU Income Program through your refferal link. Any time you reffer anyone to join NNU Income Program, you earn 62.5% commission which is equivalent to NGN1,000. If you tried to reffer 10 peoples daily, you earn NGN10,000 daily.


NNU and NNU INCOME PROGRAM is 101% legit.

Despite bad reviews by some users, we analyzed and we see the following reasons for their bad reviews;

  • Some users do not read and understand NNU and NNU Income Program Terms of Service which governs how NNU operates.
  • Some has no clue about what NNU program is and failed to make research before reviewing.
  • Some make their reviews just to bad mouth NNU and its income program.

Do NNU Pay?

This question worth asking because some scam affiliate programs fail to pay their members. But as we said earlier, NNU is 101% legit and they will pay you in as much you abide by their Terms of Service.

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Payments are made at end of each month with minimum payout of ₦5000.

What Do I Need To Join

  1. One time payment of ₦1600.
  2. ATM card or active bank account with up to ₦1600 for registration.
  3. A phone, tablet or a personal computer.

If you are with your ₦1600 you can head up to next steps.

How Do I Join NNU Income Program?

Below is the right step you need to take in order to join NNU Income Program

To join NNU Income Program, click on the link below and follow the instructions below.


  1. Fill in your personal information including your phone number and your email address.
  2. Select payment method either Paystack or coupon. With Paystack, you pay with your credit card or your bank account, when you select coupon, you’ll need to supply a coupon code you’ve purchased. To buy coupon, kindly send me a message on Facebook or whatsapp me on +2348055786245
  3. Click on Make Payment and fill in the necessary information to complete your registration.

You’re now ready to make money with NNU Income Program.
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NNU Income Program

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 2 reviews
by Ade on W3Techy
NNU Is Good

Despite some problems I faced last year with NNU about their delayed payout, I later found out that NNU is legitimate since they pay my earnings and now I can request for withdrawal anytime any day. Just give it a trial.

by John on W3Techy
NNU Is Super Legit

I received my first earnings at the end of the month and now I used to withdraw my earnings anytime I feel like.