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Grab these cool car gadgetries and upgrade your ride
Driving is fun but not so much when you are driving in peak traffic. You need to bust distractions and focus harder on the road when you are stuck in a jam. All your essentials must be at arm’s length from the driver’s seat and neatly organised. Whether its keeping interiors tidy, charging your devices on the go or drinking your coffee without spilling – here is a list of practical cars accessories you need to make driving a pleasant experience.
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How often does your phone, keys, wallet and even spare change slip down from the gaps of your car seat? If you’re driving, you’ll try hard to keep your eyes on the road while your hands make all kinds of flexible, break-dance moves to retrieve the items from the bottom of the seat. Spare yourself the hassle and get these car seat gap fillers. Place them in front of, surrounding and behind the seatbelt catch. Be a more focused driver in heavy traffic and never look under the seat for your stuff again.
Not had your morning coffee because you were rushing to work to beat the traffic? Get this cup holder for your car and enjoy your beverage on the go. Don’t worry about spillage with this compact cup holder and use it to comfortably hold your water bottle, coffee or tea while you are driving.
Don’t wait to pull over and dispose garbage from the car to the bin. Keep your car spick and span by disposing litter in the Womdee car trash can. Simply strap it around the headrest of your passenger seat and keep disposing your waste in the waterproof trash can. The trash can is large enough to hold up to two gallons of stuff and also has side mesh pockets to keep other things such as garbage bags, water bottles and cans.
Charge any two mobile devices at full power with this 40W maximum output. The Ugreen car charger approximately takes an hour to fully charge an iPhone 12. Plug your device to this charging port and never run out of charge when you’re on the road.
Warranty: 2-year warranty from manufacturer
Tissues must be kept at a handy location so you can reach out to them easily in the car. For drivers, what better place than fixing your tissue box in the sun visor or headrest of the passenger seat? This Gardezi Car Tissue box holder can be strapped around either the sun visor or headrest. This accessory also comes with two blind spot mirrors that can be attached to the car’s side mirrors. This helps maximising your viewing angle and makes your vision wider.
If you travel long distances daily, it is good to have a car cooler and warmer to store all your food and drinks. This personal fridge/warmer has a seven-litre capacity, can fit food, and up to nine soda cans. It comes with a six-foot-long 12 volt DC power cord that is long enough to place in the back seat. Never go hungry on the road with this seven-litre car cooler and warmer.
Does a sudden brake cause all your stuff in the backseat to tumble over each other? Get this 4-pack headrest hook to keep your handbag, grocery bags, umbrellas and even clothes in an organized manner. Prevent backseat clutter and make more leg room at the back. The headrest hooks can be rotated 360 degrees horizontally after installing.
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