pregnant teacher Died in Car crash : Anna Kirsopp-Lewis Wiki, Age, Bio,Family, cause of death, Many More Facts You Need To Know

pregnant teacher Died in Car crash : Anna Kirsopp-Lewis Wiki, Age, Bio,Family, cause of death, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Anna Kirsopp-Lewis Wiki

Anna Kirsopp-Lewis, 34, died after Ian Barton, 62, crashed into her Peugeot 2008 with his Porsche Cayenne 4×4 in Warminster, Wiltshire, on December 18 last year.

Anna Kirsopp-Lewis Age

She was 34 years old.

Anna Kirsopp-Lewis Cause of death

The pub landlord’s vehicle hurtled into hers at such speed that she was thrown from the car and was pronounced dead at the scene. He died five days later from his injuries.

Miss Kirsopp-Lewis was on her way to a midwife appointment and was just two weeks away from the date she was due to give birth to her son Oscar when she died.

Tragically, Miss Kirsopp-Lewis’ death came on her own mother’s birthday.

Shocking dashcam footage

Shocking dashcam footage has emerged that revealed Mr. Barton’s black Cayenne GTS racing along ‘like a rocket’ just moments before the fatal crash.

In the clip, the black Porsche speeds down the wrong side of the A36 to overtake a lorry despite the severe weather conditions and heavy rain.

Minutes later the same lorry the Porsche had been overtaking is forced to slow down as other drivers rush to help the victims of the crash.

Anna Kirsopp-Lewis Husband ( Chris Lewis)

Miss Kirsopp-Lewis’s husband Chris Lewis told an inquest into her death: ‘She was my wife, my best friend, and my future. She was kind, compassionate and clever, the reason I was happy.’

Ruling at Salisbury Coroner’s Court today, Coroner David Ridley gave Mr. Barton’s cause of death as ‘traffic collision’ and Miss Kirsopp-Lewis’s as ‘unlawful killing’.

The hearing was told Mr. Barton’s four-wheel-drive reached speeds of 148mph before he crashed.

The coroner was told horrified witnesses cried ‘she’s dead, she’s dead’, having rushed to help Miss Kirsopp-Lewis and Mr. Barton after the crash, which happened at around 1pm after she had spent the morning with her husband and son.

Mr. Barton Death

Mr. Barton, 62, was rushed to Southmead Hospital in Bristol, but he died five days later on December 23.

Devastated Mr. Lewis, who teaches at Bishopstrow College near Warminster, choked back tears as he paid tribute to his wife at the start of today’s inquest at Salisbury Coroner’s Court.

emotional statement

n an emotional statement, he said: ‘How do I describe Anna? Anna made you feel joy. Time spent in her company was always full of laughter. She injected fun into everything she did, bringing good humour and wit to all situations.

‘She loved to tell corny jokes and her life was full of adventure. She was a high achiever, she was quiet and kind, but with unlimited wells of inner strength.

‘She was an inspiring teacher, a devoted mother and a loving wife, daughter and friend.

‘Anna knew the power of kindness. She made a difference to the lives of those she taught.

‘She was kind, compassionate and clever, the reason I was happy. We had stability and could achieve anything together.

‘Anna inspired me, as she did others. She made me a better person.

‘She was a mother. She always wanted to have a family and planned for our son Henry as soon as we were married. She loved being a mother, it came easy to her.

‘He was the centre of her life, their relationship was joyous. She always focused on filling his life with laughter and love. He was everything to her, as she was to him.

‘She didn’t want Henry to be an only child and so we planned for a second child and Oscar was that baby. He was much anticipated. She was so very excited about his imminent birth.

‘Our lives are empty without her. Henry will live life without his mother and brother.

‘She had so many hopes for the future. Her contribution to society is a significant loss.’

The court heard statements from a number of witnesses who were overtaken by Mr Barton on the A36, with footage showing the £72,000 Porsche speed between two lorries just seconds before the crash.

One horrified witness, David Woods, described Mr Barton’s Porsche as ‘going like a rocket’, while another, Harry Barnes, recalled horrified onlookers crying ‘she’s dead, she’s dead’ after the terrifying crash.

Van driver Paul Cloak, the last to be overtaken by Mr Barton before the crash, said: ‘It just baffled me how anyone could be driving like that, there’s no excuse for it.’

Crash expert Dean Beaumont, who reviewed footage from a number of dashcams, said he calculated Mr Barton was travelling at between 120mph and 148mph before the crash.

Mr Beaumont added he believed Mr Barton would have been doing at least 100mph at the time of the crash, telling the court he believed it could have been up to 116mph.

Fast Facts You Need to Know

  • Anna Kirsopp-Lewis died two weeks before she was due to give birth to her son
  • Ian Barton, 62, ploughed into her with his Porsche Cayenne 4×4 in Wiltshire
  • He died from his injuries five days after the crash that happened on Dec 18 2018 
  • Husband Chris Lewis said she was ‘full of laughter’ and ‘best friend and future’  

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