Everyone wants huge visitors on his/her website, right? It might be because of one reason or the other and one secret is that, quora can drive you huge traffic without ease. I assume you all know what quora is meant for, isn’t it? Questions and answers website just like stackoverflow, Yahoo answers and so on but there are some things that makes quora stand out.

How To Drive Huge Traffic To Your Blog Using Quora 4

  1. Users. Quora now has over 200 million monthly unique visitors, what a huge number! This shows quora is a big community and you have a chance of getting this visitors to your blog.
  2. SEO. Quora is SEO friendly since it employ strategies of unique content which are well recognized by search engines such as Google. Getting a backlink from quora also gives a high chances of ranking well on Google search results.
  3. Reputability. Engaging actively on qoura gives high chance of being reputable which is one of the factor that enhance your blog’s traffic.
  4. Usability. Be it old or new user, you can ask or answer questions without any restrictions, you can follow any topic that interest you, you can follow question and even individuals.

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How Do Start With Quora

  1. Create a new Quora account or sign in to your existing account.
  2. Follow topics that fits your blogging niche.
  3. Search for questions based on your blog posts.
  4. Provide easy to understand and relevant answers. Go straight  to your point, add a link to detailed article in footnotes or within your answers.
  5. Follow more topics to be one of the first person to answer and get more upvotes.
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Doing these gives you organic traffic from quora, makes your post rank higher on search engines which also gives you hue organic traffic. 

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