Serial Killer Phillip Jablonski Dies : Phillip Jablonski Wiki, Age, Bio, Family, Net Worth, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Phillip Jablonski Wiki

A serial killer whose five victims included two wives died in California’s death row, authorities said Monday. Phillip Carl Jablonski, 73, was found unanswered Friday in his cell at the San Quintin state prison and pronounced dead in minutes. His cause of death is awaiting an autopsy, but he was assigned a single cell, said corrections department spokeswoman Terri Hardy.

Phillip Jablonski Age

He was 73 years old.

Phillip Jablonski Cases

A jury from San Mateo County sentenced him to death in 1994 for the first-degree murders of his wife, Carol Spadoni, 46, and his mother, Eva Petersen, 72.

Spadoni had married him while he was in prison for murdering a previous wife in 1978. It was the latest in what court records say was a long history of violence against multiple women, dating back to his attempt to kill his first wife in the 1960s. At that time he was an army sergeant who had served two service shifts in the Vietnam War before being discharged in 1969 for a “schizophrenic disease.” He pleaded guilty to the second-degree murder, assault and attempted rape of his second wife, Melinda Kimball, in 1978.

He was released on parole for good behavior in 1990, despite trying to strangle his mother with a shoelace during a visit to the prison in 1985. Authorities said they recovered a cassette tape in which he later described fatally shooting, stabbing and mutilating Spadoni and his mother, and raping his mother after she was dead. He pleaded not guilty because of madness, but a jury found that he was sane at the time. Jablonski was also implicated in the death of two other women that same year, Fathyma Vann of Indio, California, and Margie Rogers of Thompson Springs, Utah. Vann attended the same community college as Jablonski at the time. Rogers and her husband were co-owners of a shop along Interstate 70 where she was found dead.

Phillip Jablonski Dead

Phillip Carl Jablonski, 73, was found unresponsive in his San Quentin State Prison cell on Friday and pronounced dead within minutes. His cause of death is awaiting an autopsy

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