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A sponsored post is a form of advertising your business through an article or video published as a post. The advantage of a sponsored post is that people can find out about your business when they use Search engine to look for related businesses similar to yours.

Unlike banner advertisement which stays on a site for a stipulated period, the sponsored post remains forever as long the site exists. You won’t have to break the bank to advertise on my blog. Sponsored post on W3Techy cost $20.

My readers have thousands of friends and followers on social media. So, you can bet that your sponsored post will reach a very large audience. I will also share your post on different social media platforms (Facebook pages and groups, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin,
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If you’ll like to sponsor a post on W3Techy, then read the following

  • Your post will be written by you as you know your business better. If you will like me to write the post, then it will cost you extra charges.
  • Payment must be received before the article goes live.
  • Once the article has been published, there will be no refund of money.
  • Article cannot be edited after 2weeks of publication.
  • Your post will remain on my blog as long it exists.

If you are okay with the above
conditions, you can reach me to sponsor a post. Fill the form below: