Syinix TV Review – Models, Spec, Pricing, Durability, Features, Warranty…

From the Syinix SY-24A400 24 inch TV to the Syinix 55T710U 55 inch TV, this Syinix TV review considers all Syinix television models.

Syinix TV originates from Japan. Apart from TVs, Syinix Home appliances company also manufactures other home electronics like blenders, fridges, microwaves, ovens, juicers, washing machines etc.

In kenya, Syinix products are imported and distributed by Transsion Holding since 2016. 

Transsion Holding is a global Chinese company that operates in emerging markets. All Syinix TV have similar features but the only difference between them is mainly screen size.


Below is some of Syinix TV models;

The Syinix Smart TV runs on android platform. Syinix TV allows you to connect to the internet and allows you to download apps including TV streaming apps for you to stream your favourite TV shows.


Syinix T710U Series Smart LED TV delivers an advanced viewing experience for clearer pictures and more true-to-life content. The Syinix Smart LED TV makes it easy to stream movies and shows. It offers latest Smart TV operating system and promises multiple interface to meet all needs.

Importantly, in this Syinix TV review note that the Syinix T710U Series flaunts an appealing flat look. The LED TV sports a sleek design that makes it ideal for any position in your living room, reception and offices.

The stylish finish and the uniquely crafted ultra-slim bezel enhances  the beauty of  the wall. It has been designed impressively for seamless and immersive viewing experience.

The Syinix  T710U sports a flat frame which accommodates the screen perfectly, hence, it sits nicely on the wall to give you an unforgettable full HD experience.

With its slim design, Syinix T710U is an elegant way to bring an impressive picture to more spaces giving you a life-like viewing experience.


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Next on this Syinix TV review is the Fly away into the world visual display where reality takes the back seat to imagination, sensation, and intrigue with the Syinix T710U UHD LED TV. This Sleek Smart TV sports a brilliant screen resolution, hence, offering a breathtaking, realistic picture quality.

Thanks to the 4K resolution, which is 4 times sharper than Full HD resolution and up to 8 million pixels, the 55-inch Syinix T410U images edge are clear, sharp and precise with more details in the eyes. The 32-inch offers standard 1366 x 786 HD resolution.

Syinix T710U Android Smart TV series offers you two (2) different screen size to enjoy your visual experience from either the 32-Inches, or 55-inches Panel. This two screen size option sports a LED backlighting panel known for minimising energy consumption.

The Syinix T710U LED TV series also offers a high contrast and 16.9 aspect ratio. You also get  to enjoy the Wide Color Gamut feature result which makes your everyday experience even more realistic.

Finally, Syinix T710U series also uses the A-level display which offers a qualitative improvement in brightness uniformity, contrast and distortion, so that you can fully enjoy the beauty of picture quality.


Syinix T710U Android Smart LED TV price in Nigeria starts at around;

All Syinix T710U Series LED TVs are available in Nigeria, Kenya, and Ghana. You can buy these TVs at reputable online stores, leading retail chains, as well as Syinix Electronics stores in your country.


This Syinix TV review won’t be completed without Kenya Syinix T710U prices vary country to country, thus, below is the price breakdown of the LED TV in Kenya.


KSh 11,999 

KSh 17,799  

KSh 33,900 

KSh 37,999 

KSh 46,999 

KSh 58,999

It has an impressive wide 50 Inch screen with thin bezels. The control buttons are on the side and don’t feel cheap like the smaller sized Syinix TV models.

This TV has a sturdy frame and comes with it’s own wall hanger. It has a power rating of 138 w which is normal for a TV of this size. However, It doesn’t work well will low voltage and might give off a shrill buzzing sound when the voltage is too low.

The price for this TV usually falls within the range of 160,000 – 180,000 Naira.


So this Syinix TV is a high end smart TV. It’s got all the cool stuff. These are it’s major selling points. With a 16: 9 aspect ratio and 4k resolution, this TV has stunning clarity. The clarity and sharpness is like peering into a mirror.

But remember I pointed out that 4k content is rare and hard to come by. So you may not get to witness this pristine display quality unless you can get your hands on some 4k content.

Although this TV has good upscaling features, there is no way it would upscale an ordinary HD content to get that glass like 4K look.

It comes with two 10w speakers like the 50 inch version. So it sounds great even without the help of a home theater. But even if you want to add your sound system, it’s got 3 HDMI ports.


Lastly on this Syinix TV review is the 55 Inch TV price that TV ranges from 190,000 to 219,000 naira.



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