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What is Space Tourism? Space Tourism Facts

Space travel is entering to space for the exploration and discovery of outer space (which starts 100 kilometers above the Earth’s crust, at a point called Karman Line with the infinity) of the earth by astronauts using both unmanned spacecrafts and human spaceflights with the help of space technologies. Or space travel is the exploration of three dimensional objects. Yuri Gagarin is the first human kind to attend the space flight in the year 1961.
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What is Space Music?

Space Music, also known as SpaceMusic in most general term, is a relaxing and environmental music which gives relaxation, contemplation, peace and inspiration to the mind and body. It is a subgenre of new age music with the qualities of tranquil, hypnotic and moving which provides the feeling of deep thought with high concentration where one totally get lost in the music with total blankness in head due to deep listening of this music. Some listeners imagine like flying, hanging, cruising, gliding or floating etc. which is the subtle trance-like state which take your mind to another dimension.
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The Statue of Georgia, Moving Statues Of A Man And Woman

Do you ever hear about the Romeo and Juliet? Yes, of course, you have read or heard about Romeo and Juliet. We also know that this is not the only love story in the world. Love is eternal and only the thing that never becomes obsolete or orthodox. The same essence of love is represented by the Statue of Georgia. The Statue of Georgia also known as “Man and Woman”. This statue depicts the famous love story of Ali and Nino. It is really famous in the Georgia region and neighborhood. In Georgia ‘the Statue of Love’ is called ‘Sekhvarulis Kandakaeba’. It is 8 meter in height and made up of steel. The location of the statue is on the shore of the Black Sea in Batumi Boulevard. Who wrote this amazing novel is still a mystery and topic of debate but popularly it is believed that the mysterious Kurban Said wrote the novel in 1937.
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Saga of ‘Taj Mahal’

Let us take you on the journey of the saga, “The Taj Mahal”. Have you ever walked a pathway beside the reflecting pool with fountains? If not then you should visit the Taj Mahal to take an experience of how the emperor in India was used to roam around their palace or monuments. The Taj Mahal, the grand mausoleum crafted with pure marble and jeweled with semi-precious stones is the place where you arrived by passing through the pathway beside the fountains. Does it excite you? Wait there are much more to come. The grace of perfection of proportions, measurements, and grandeur of geometrical patterns of gardens enhance the beauty of the Wonder of the World i.e. Taj Mahal. Let’s us we take a deep dip into the saga of the ‘Taj Mahal’. It is not fiction but purely based on the edifice of facts and love.
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What are the New 7 Wonders of the World?

Seven Wonders of the Worlds were coming from the ancient times. It was the work of Philo of Byzantium that talks about the wonders of the world in his work “The Seven Wonders”. He gave the term “Themata” in his work. Themata means ‘must see’. He gave the first ever idea to the world to visit marvelous places where mankind has use its craft to change earth into heaven.
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Lord Buddha Was Born In Nepal: Here is the Proof

Lord Buddha’s birth name was Prince Siddhartha Gautama.  He is also known as Shakyamuni. He was born in the Shakya Kingdom of Kapilavastu, the southern region of Nepal which is in Rupandehi district, Lumbini zone (now Province No. 5) of Nepal in around 623 B.C.
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10 Largest Countries Area

You can find the list of the top 10 largest countries worldwide by their size including both the land and water areas within their coastlines and international boundaries (the Sovereign States and Independent Territories) below.