What is a blog? 
A blog is a website that allows users to interact, share opinions and discuss various topics. I’ll stop here

While blogging is the act of editing and designing a blog.
Blogging is the most field that young people love to get into, why?

Money or Passion! 

If its for the money who cares?  we all need it right? There’s nothing wrong if you are creating good contents.

If it’s for the passion, good for you too.
1. Lack of good content: 

Most bloggers just post any stuffs they like, whether false or real, good or bad, all they need is for visitors to start trooping in and start clicking ads right?

But no! if you’re that type of blogger that Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V on other websites that is absolutely wrong.

Write your own article, even if it’s about Pampers,  people will still read your blog.
2. Not choosing a particular niche:

Every blogger has to have a type of niche he/she is specialized in, entertainment, news, music, movies,education and so many more.

Having a particular niche is a great thing for your blog to grow fast and for people to visit it all the time.

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Okay, when a friend asks you ” where do I download good series?” What comes to your mind? O2tvseries right?

You see working on a particular niche is great and easy for the blogger to be consistent on it.
3. Lack of good design and structuring:

You may be an incredible writer, but lack of good design to your website won’t encourage visitors to keep visiting your website. If you wear asked to pick between a house with a structuring and the one without, which one would you pick?  you see the difference? 

So if you can’t design a website please don’t kill your blog instead chat us up. We would help you.
4. Lack of consistency

No matter what, don’t give up. That’s all I have to say in this, thanks for reading.