The Importance Of Using Stem Cell Therapy STC30 By Superlife

The Importance Of Using Stem Cell Therapy  STC30 By Superlife

STC30 is a dietary supplement very common in Nigeria. It came to replace the almighty cellgevity as the wonder drug that cures all. This is after many wonder drugs that came before it have died. But what makes STC30 different? Will it survive the time or will it fade away just like the others? What is the projection for it in the world? Here is what we know now.

Stem Cell Therapy (SCT)

Stem cells are found in our body. They are cells from which other cells with special functions are generated. They are nicknamed body raw material. They divide to form normal cells called daughter cells.

These new cells either become stem cells or special cells. No other type of cell in the body has such ability.

Interest in stem cells is growing. This is because of its ability to generate new cells to replace dead cells. Such regenerative ability will benefit those suffering from chronic non communicable disease like diabetes, burns, cancer, etc.

Stem cell therapy is a new medical treatment. They make use of cell stem cells from the body to produce special cells that can be implanted into the body to repair, replace, restore and/or regenerate the body. Some come in the form of injection into the right site or implant.

There are several stem cell therapies out there. Many are not approved hence can be considered unproven and unsafe. The only approved stem cell therapy by the federal drug agency (FDA) is blood forming stem cells (hematopoietic progenitor cells) derived from cord blood. It is used to treat disorders that affect the body system that is involved in the production of blood (called hematopoietic system).

Source Of Stem Cell

1. Embryonic stem cells is found in 5 days old embryo

2. Adult stem cell is found in small quantities in bone marrow and fat

3. Altered adult cell and perinatal stem cells

The commercial use of these stem cells for treatment has raised a lot of questions on moral and ethical codes around the world. This is limiting the deployment of the technology.

How It Is Done

Present treatment option is the use of donor organs or tissue to replace a dead or dieing organ or tissue. But in stem cell therapy, cells are used instead. The cells are grown in the laboratory into special cells of an organ or tissue. The resultant product is implanted or injected into the right place of the person.

So many people wonder how fast such therapy works. With known methods, some takes years. In stem cells, recovery time is shorter. However, it all depends on the type of disease, the severity and adherence to treatment and lifestyle changes. To put it in plan language, a survey by thrivemd blog confirmed that it takes between 2-12 weeks and a year for full recovery.

To bypass the moral questions raised, several methods have been adopted. The first is to use the patient’s own stem cell from bone marrow. Another method is to use plant stem cells or its derivatives.

Most of the stem cells available are offered in clinics as injection or other forms of minor procedure. However, oral stem cell therapy is on the rise. These products have helped a lot of people with chronic disease.


Benefit of STC30

STC30 is the first oral plant based stem cell therapy. This removes the moral talk of using embryos. All the ingredients are non toxic and natural. There are other products but differ in terms of ingredients and method of processing.

STC30 is a product of a global company called mibelle biochemistry in Zurich, Switzerland. They have over 90 years of experience. They are behind the group superlife.

STC30 Active Ingredients

1. Blank currant juice water

2. Bilberry extract

3. Glisodin (cantaloupe extract)

4. Phytocelltec solar virus (vitis vinifera)

5. Phytocelltec malus domestica (uttwiler spatlauber)

They all have benefits. For example, blank currants are rich anthocyanins, polyphenols substances, antioxidants, vitamin C, gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), etc. It is believed to regulate blood flow, ocular health, improve system, gut health, kidney health, etc.

Bilberry on the other hand protects against liver damage, prevents atherosclerosis, combats kidney failure, protects the skin, prevents cancer, etc. Also, glisodin stimulates the body antioxidant defence system and stimulate the body to produce its own natural antioxidant including superoxide dismutase (SOD), prevent deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) damage, inhibition of photooxidative stress, dispersion of lactic acid, strengthening of cardiovascular health and improvement of other significant markers of oxidative stress.

Phytocelltec solar vitis are extracted from grape fruits and have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. They also have a positive effect on the skin by acting on collagen thereby reversing ageing. Phytocelltec malus domestica have similar effects on the skin cells. It is claimed that it delays the senescence of hair follicles.

How To Use STC30

How to use STC30
Oral STC30

A pack of STC30 comes with 15 sachet of powder. They contain plant stem cell extract. These extracts get destroyed in the digestive system hence it needs to be dissolved under the tongue to bypass the first pass effect of the stomach acid. This sends the product directly to the systemic circulation.

1. Open the upper one side of the sachet using a scissor after shaking the powder to fall to the bottom

2. Sit upright

3. Pour the content under the tongue

4. Wait for 10-15 minutes for it to dissolve and absorb

Don’t drink water or take other drugs immediately. Give a gap of at least 60 minutes. Do not exceed a schaltet daily and should be taken every 24 hours.

To improve the efficacy of the product, proper nutrition is necessary to improve the growth and proliferation of normal stem cells to complement the work of STC30. Reduce sugar and calories intake. Increase your rest, exercise and avoid radiation. If you have access to acupuncture, then add it to your programme for maximum benefit of STC30.

Plant Stem Cell Vs Human Stem Cell

Reports have confirmed the value of human stem cells. The only limitations to its use is moral and ethical stands. But a lot of questions have been raised concerning plant based stem cell therapy. Many people believe that plant based stem cell therapy of which STC30 belongs to are just part of marketing ploy to make money. They claim that they are the same plant extracts in other products hence same antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agent. The argument is based on the fact that most of the plant based stem cell therapy available today is not live stem cell but extract. Live stem cells cannot survive in shelf for long hence not feasible. Applying them on the skin as many do will not give the required result because it will be difficult for it to penetrate the skin deep into the right place. And lastly, not all stem cells will be accepted by the body’s immune system.

All these arguments are true for stem cell therapy that are made from just plant extract and applied on the skin. STC30 is a stem cell extract and not just an ordinary extract. The supplements have been studied and found to be effective. Although it is not a live plant stem cell, it is better as a plant based stem cell than ordinary extract. And to bypass the acid in the stomach and avoid the skin protective effect on the product, it is dissolved under the tongue. This enables it to get to the blood easily.

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