The Ten Bond-Style Car Gadgets You Wish Were Real – Jalopnik

Over the course of 25 movies, we’ve seen super spy James Bond use a raft of gadgets behind the wheel of his cars. But which of these creations would you like to fit to your car?

Earlier on, we asked what James Bond-inspired gadgets you would love to add to your daily driver. Here are some of the best responses.
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“I have to go with driving the car from my phone, like Pierce Brosnan did with his 750iL in Tomorrow Never Dies.”
Bond controls his new BMW from his phone, which is trick that would be handy when getting out of tight garages or for calling your car up to meet you. While you can already unlock many cars with your phone, or wind down the windows from afar, this remote control twist is still a few years off.
Suggested by: pmb2012
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“Just to piss people off, the invisible car. Which was based off, although exaggerated for entertainment purposes, actual military experiments at the time and still is. Can’t blame James Bond movies because reality was being silly at the time.”
Many people say this was a step too far for Bond cars. But just look past the fact that people could still hear your rumbling V12 engine, and imagine what you could achieve in an invisible car.
Suggested by: skeffles
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“I once came *this* close to rigging a set of driving lights pointing out the rear window of my car, because of how often I would get tailgated at night by asshats in lifted pickups.
“Like how dare I drive the speed limit on a winding rural two-line at 11pm because I don’t want to broadside Bambi in my Dodge Neon. All I’d have to do is flip a switch and give them a taste of their own medicine.”
This is one modification that could teach a bit of driving courtesy without the need to call in an explosives expert.
Suggested by: dbeach84
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“Not within the Bond canon, but a dashboard mounted ECU jammer that can disable select vehicles on-demand. Truck bro coal rolls me intentionally at a light – ECU disabled.”
Another imaginative creation from the community. An ECU jammer could jam the electrical signals in a passing car, forcing it to stop in its tracks. But first, you might need to figure out a way to make sure it doesn’t stop your car as well.
Suggested by: sector7gwagen
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“Yeah the hidden weapons are cool, but how cool would it be to have deployable tire studs like on the Die Another Day Aston?”
Let’s get practical here. Nobody wants to have to change their tires whenever there’s a wisp of snow. Instead, why not turn to these innovative wheels seen in Die Another Day and The Living Daylights, which can deploy studs whenever running gets slippery.
Suggested by: savethemanualsbmw335ix
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“Rocket launchers behind the headlights. Traffic jam? What traffic jam?”
Why wait behind a line of slow-moving traffic when you can stop behind the smoldering remains of slow-moving traffic.
Suggested by: humptydance
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“The Lotus Submarine is the only answer.”
“Without a license to kill, the machine guns and rocket launchers are pretty useless. We already have bulletproof cars – and, really, when is anyone on this site going to need one. And as cool as Brosnan looked at the start of Golden Eye, the police tend to frown on driver’s seat champagne coolers.
“Nah, the sub is too cool to pass up. You could actually go exploring with it if you live anywhere near an interesting body of water, or use it for a commute.”
This poster is right, many military-inspired gadgets wouldn’t be of much use to anyone without a firearms permit. So instead, why not add the ultimate exploration abilities to your car and transform it into a submarine?
Suggested by: z2221344
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“1. Dipshit-seeking missiles
“2. Car cape! Doubles as a cover when parked.
“3. Horn that plays my theme song.
“4. Rear facing mirror extended when bright lighted from “bad guys”.
“5. Soft Drink fountain in glove compartment.”
A built in drinks dispenser and a car cape that can also be used as a cover for your pristine spy car both sound like excellent additions to any vehicle.
Suggested by: danovations
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“6. Rear seat folds down into bed for ‘interrogation naps’
“7. Exhaust that blows bubbles.
“8. Auto tinting windows.
“9. Directional Electromagnetic pulse wave to silence Harleys, and loud stereos in traffic.
“10. “Authorized Vehicle” decals so I can drive and park anywhere.”
Some big brain ideas from this poster. What super spy wouldn’t like a bubbling exhaust and space in the back of their car for “interrogation naps”?
Suggested by: danovations
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“While recently car shopping with my wife, we were test driving a car with some unmarked auxiliary switches. When my wife asked what they were for, I said one was for the ejector seat and she believed me. That was pretty funny.”
The ultimate super spy accessory, the ejector seat. A great way to remove unruly passengers, or pass your week’s shopping up to your apartment balcony.
Suggested by: BloggyMcBlogBlog
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