Twitter Blue arrives in the US, leaves a lot for Android users to desire – Android Police

Blessed to be undoing tweets
It's been speculated for many blue moons. Now, after testing the deep blue waters off of Australia and Canada since June, the Twitter Blue subscription service is finally crossing gulfs to New Zealand and the United States with a bevy of new bells and whistles though Android users will be left feeling a little blue with this launch.
In addition to Blue's original features including the abilities to 'undo' tweets (as opposed to edit them), compress threads in Reader mode, and organize favorite posts into 'bookmark' folders, U.S. subscribers gain an ad-free, fast-loading reading experience at a number of news sources including:
This integrations for Twitter Blue was expected after Twitter acquired ad-free reader service Scroll last year. Unfortunately, it's only available on the iOS app and the website for now. The company says it hopes Blue can boost revenues per reader by 50% compared to ads.
Twitter Blue also includes a newsfeed made of the most-shared articles from their followers and who they follow. This feature, ironically exclusive to Android and the web for the time being, comes from Nuzzel — what's formerly a Scroll-owned service.
In fact, of the new global features brought into this expansion, that's the only one available for Android. The ability to customize your navigation bar shortcuts is currently only available for iOS users. The same goes for features in testing, found in the Blue-exclusive Labs menu: 10-minute video uploads is limited to desktop and; the ability to pin conversations to the top of your direct messages is iOS-only.
Users can subscribe to Twitter Blue for US$2.99 or NZ$4.49 per month from the main menu of their Twitter app or the site.
The feature started rolling out in the last couple of days
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