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How Does Website Security Impact My Google Rankings.

Why is Website Security Important for Google ranking?

Let’s first understand why website security is important for Google ranking? Many ways your website’s security could be affecting your Google ranking.

Google wants to deliver the safest web experience for their users. Therefore, Google announced that secure websites with HTTPS would become a ranking signal.

Whether you have a personal site or large scale business, security is of most importance. If your website isn’t secure, it could not be ranked on google. Therefore, everyone needs to take website security seriously to protect users’ data and because a lack of security can hurt your Google rankings.

Security features help to protect all data on your website so that you won’t be penalized because of hackers. So, you might need to stiffen up your website security.

Top 5 Useful Website Security Tips

There are lots of ways available to secure your website and some of them free. Take a look at top tips to ensure you are keeping your website safer. Follow the below tips to make your website more secure.

1.Install an SSL certificate

You need to install an SSL certificate on your website to secure all data on your website and show users that your website is secure. Once you get your SSL certificate installed successfully on a website, your website will show https.

Now, moving to HTTPS might not immediately rank you up in Google, but it is more important than HTTP websites. You must pick a reliable web hosting provider that offers free SSL.

Not all web hosting providers offer SSL certificates. If you want the best wordpress hosting India top provider that offers free SSL certificates and high-security features, I recommend DomainRacer web hosting.

2.Website Security Tools

Security is the most important aspect of web hosting that is most important to everyone. Typically, web hosts take care of many security measures

It is crucial to understand what aspects of security you should look at while choosing web hosting. Choose a web host that provides security against online attacks like DDoS.

DomainRacer is one of the reliable web hosts that offer seven security features like DDoS protection, firewall, and more.

3.Install security plugins

Security plugins are one of the best ways to secure your website and protect your website from hackers. Also, it helps in detecting any kind of risk to a website.

Breaches of malware protection will result in hackers stealing your website data and client details, and you losing access to your website. This does not only affect your website, but it also affects your Google rankings.

To prevent that from occurring, you need to enhance your website security with WordPress plugins. There are many security plugins available in WordPress simply you need to install and activate it.

4.Keep Your Website & Software Updating

You want to protect your site from hackers, you have to upgrade your website software. When you will update all software and plugins, it will get more power to identify the hacker’s attack.

I recommend you to choose a managed hosting solution, there is no need to worry about security and software updates because the web hosting provider will do this on your service.

DomainRacer offers the best e-commerce hosting websites service, it is well equipped with various security tools and has the ability to handle server security-related issues and any cyber threats.

5.Poor website Backups

Backing up your website regularly is most important. It is one of the core security measures that websites should take. Make sure your web host provides a backup plan to backup your website and come up with a recovery plan in case you get hacked.

Some web hosts may offer a backup plan but for an extra fee. DomainRacer’s all hosting packages come with free website backup features.


Security may have a direct effect on your website’s Google ranking. It also affects your website in so many indirect ways like you may lose website traffic.

However, it is crucial to have gained some knowledge of the most common security ventures to ensure you are protected. If you’re looking for secure hosting plans, I recommend you check out DomainRacer hosting plan,

Apply various methods listed above to more secure your website. We hope that now you have a better understanding of how website security impact googles ranking.

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