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What are cookies? And how to get rid of them.

Ever wonder how e-commerce websites like Amazon or eBay know it’s you coming back to shop again, emblazoning a big ol’ “Welcome Back” banner at the top of the page? Or how the GameStop website remembers what’s in your cart even when you navigate to another page? Or why that smart appliance you looked atonce is now following you around in every ad space imaginable?

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are how web servers figure out that it’s you returning to a website and not someone else. They build up a “profile” about you, which allows a site to customize and personalize your browsing experience. Think: product recommendations on Amazon or a clothing shop that shows a list of other trousers or sweaters you might like based on what you last clicked. Cookiebot—a site that can analyze cookie compliance for businesses—aptly refers to cookies as “the memory of the internet.”

How to Clear All Cookies

…In Google Chrome on PC or Mac

Menu > Advanced > Clear browsing data > All cookies and site data > delete cookies based on the time range or any other option that you’d like > clickClear data.

…In Google Chrome on Android

Open Chrome > to the right of the address more, click More (a menu that looks like three dots) > Settings > Privacy > Clear browsing data > make your selections > Check Cookies and site data and uncheck all other items > Clear data. 

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