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What to Look for in an Employee Monitoring App

Employee monitoring is an important subject for businesses because of its direct relation with the output of the organization. If your workers are giving their best, your company will flourish. Otherwise, you are likely to face a huge loss in productivity and company income.

The large and medium scale business organizations across the world have been experimenting with employee monitoring tools to boost the efficiency and motivation of workers. The use of software and mobile apps to keep an eye on the digital behavior of employees is the latest and most effective practice in the business community. Many companies use monitoring solutions to keep their employees under surveillance. However, a few things must be kept in mind while choosing an employee tracking software. After reviewing the top-notch apps for surveillance, we have rounded up the most advanced features offered by these apps so far. Before making a choice, make sure your employee monitoring app possesses all these features at a reasonable price.

What to Look for?

There are two things you should be careful about while choosing a mobile phone tracking app for supervising your workers. These are features of the app and price. The app must offer advanced features without emptying your pocket. There are some high-tech and affordable business management and employee trackings apps such as TheOneSpy and OgyMogy. We have discussed here features of these apps that you can avail in around $18 a month.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media plays a pivotal role in creating, managing and increasing brand awareness. You can boost up your sales by effectively managing social media accounts of your company. On the other hand, if your social media managing team is not working efficiently, you may lose your customers. A high-tech cell phone surveillance app lets you keep an eye on the performance of social media managers. You can track their activities performed on most commonly used social apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. You can watch out what is being posted and how customer queries are being answered online.

Screen Recording

A high-tech cell phone spy app lets you catch all unproductive workers red-handed. You can detect what they do on their digital devices during duty hours. With a single remote command, you can watch and record what your workers see, type, scroll or search on their phones. Using the tracking app you can record or take screenshots of whatever appears on the screen of company-owned mobile phones.

Track Internet History

If your employees use company internet for entertainment purposes rather than for productive and official objective, you are going to face a huge productivity loss sooner or later. The internet is a powerful technology that can help to expand business worldwide by accessing the international market. However, internet abuse can restrict workers from giving their best to the company. The employee surveillance app lets you supervise and manage internet usage of employees. You can find out what they look for on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and all other popular internet browsers.


The top-notch tracking solutions also act as a keylogger and record keystrokes of passwords, email addresses, and usernames. These credentials can be valuable in watching out online accounts and activities of workers.

Remote Control Camera

The surround monitoring is a significant feature of surveillance software. It enables an employer to keep an eye on workplace activities of employees. By remote controlling the camera of employees’ smartphones, you can see and capture actions performed in the vicinity of the device.

Remote Control MIC

You can listen to your workers’ conversations secretly and remotely turning on the microphone of company-owned digital devices. It helps to prevent gossips, harassments and acts of malice.

Read Chats

It is important to supervise employee communication. You must know how your workers communicate with colleagues, current customers, potential customers, vendors, and third parties. The spy app lets you read the chats of your workers without accessing their phones. You can read their incoming and outgoing SMS, MMS and emails right from the web portal of the spyware software. Moreover, the advanced apps allow supervising chats made via commonly used instant and social messengers such as WhatsApp, Skype, Snapchat, IMO, Viber, Line, Hangout and Yahoo messenger.

Call Recording

You can keep an eye on performance of customer support team by getting their inbound and outbound calls recorded. The cell phone spy app automatically records all calls and uploads to the web portal. The employer can listen to these calls and get contact detail of callers and recipients.

If the spy app you are interested in offers all above features and it is easy on pocket, it is a great choice without any doubt.


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