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Breaking: U.S. pastor Andrew Brunson leaves Turkey after being detained for 2 years

Andrew Brunson who is from north carolina has lived in Turkey for two decades.. A Turkish court ordered the release of American pastor Andrew Brunson on oct 12.brounson was convicted of aiding terrorism but was sentenced to just time served. He had been detained by Turkey for two years on terrorism-related charges. He was released to house arrest Aug. 8 following the trump administration’s threats related to his release. Release Pastor Andrew Brunson now or be prepared to face consequences

Why Pastor Andrew Brunson Imposed in Turkey

The religious freedom event included several statements from individuals affected by religious persecution around the world, including Pastor Andrew Brunson, who was imprisoned in Turkey.

Andrew Brunson Arrest

Andrew Brunson is originally from Black Mountain, North Carolina. He is married and has three children.[citation needed] Brunson lived in Turkey for 23 years where he served as pastor of the Izmir Resurrection Church. Brunson, who was applying for Turkish permanent residency, was imprisoned on October 7, 2016, as part of the purges that followed the failed 2016 coup attempt.


His wife, Norine, was initially arrested alongside him but was released after 13 days. For a time Brunson was held with 21 others in a cell that was made for eight prisoners. He reportedly lost over 50 pounds while he was in prison. He was moved to house arrest on July 25, 2018.

Mr. Trump said for Andrew Brunson

Mr. Trump said he didn’t think other Presidents tried very hard to get Andrew Brunson out of prison. Brunson had been detained for two years.

“We did a good job with that negotiation,” he told Brunson, who was in the seating area, adding that the negotiation “wasn’t pretty.”

The religious freedom event comes alongside a Climate Action Summit at the UN General Assembly. President Trump was not scheduled to attend, despite the long list of world leaders slated to speak.

Case in point: Turkey and the arrest and two-year imprisonment of Pastor Andrew Brunson. His release came last year only after a full-court press from the State Department and President Trump himself.

Andrew Brunson’s conviction

After announcing Brunson’s conviction, the judge presiding over his trial in a court in western Turkey reduced his three-year-plus sentence to time served on grounds of good behavior. The pastor, who led a small evangelical congregation in the city of Izmir, had been moved to house arrest in July for health reasons, but that arrangement was also ended so he could leave the country.


The prosecution claimed that Brunson helped the CIA with the attempted coup.

In relation to claims about Christianity, the indictment also made the claim that there was a so-called “Mormon Gang” within American intelligence.

It was alleged by one of the witnesses that Brunson’s church was supposedly a waypoint for co-ordinates between the CIA and YPG due to alleged support for the PKK.

Brunson was accused of attending an event in a Turkish hotel where the American anthem was allegedly playing and several Turkish college students put their right hand on their heart and made vows, which the prosecution further alleges was some kind of “brainwashing” of these alleged students.

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