Who is Dr Habib Zaidi ( first UK doctor to die of Covid19) Wiki, Bio, age, Family, Career, Net Worth, Many More Facts You Need To Know

Dr Habib Zaidi Wiki – Dr Habib Zaidi Bio

Dr Zaidi worked as a GP in Leigh-on-Sea, and had reportedly not seen patients in person for about a week.

Dr Habib Zaidi was devoted in the most altruistic way to the service of his patients and a local community, For 49 years, he served three generations of tens of thousands of families living in the town of Southend.

His generosity and kindness knew no limits. A dear colleague described him as the father of the medical community. That makes us very proud to hear it.

Dr Habib Zaidi Age

He was 76 years old.

Dr Habib Zaidi Family Statement

The family statement added that Southend’s local health system awarded Dr. Zaidi the “unrecognized hero” lifetime achievement award last year. His family said: “That briefly describes his nearly five decades of dedicated service as a GP.

“Not only did he serve his patients, working tirelessly for them, but he never stopped driving to innovate, continually develop, and drive up quality.

“That very much continued to drive him until the very end.

“We are overwhelmed, touched, and comforted by the many kind tributes we have received.

“The name Habib means beloved, and beloved he truly was.

“We know that, not only has he left a gaping hole in our hearts, but a loss that is felt within the community that he devoted almost his entire life to.

“We are praying for the safety of everyone right now.”

His daughter, Dr Sarah Zaidi, also told the BBC that her father was being treated as a “definitive case” of coronavirus.

Speaking to the BBC, she said: “There is little clinical doubt it is coronavirus, the test result is academic.”

Dr Zaidi, a GP in Leigh-on-Sea for more than 45 years, had been self-isolating and had not seen patients in person for about a week.

He was a managing partner of Eastwood Group Practice with his wife, Dr Talat Zaidi.

Dr Habib Zaidi Died

Dr Habib Zaidi, 76, died at Southend Hospital on Wednesday.


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