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David Lacey Wiki

David Lacey is the lifelong husband of Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey. Jackie, a two-term incumbent, is ready for re-election in a highly contested election. On Monday morning, David left his house and pointed a gun at the protesters outside his house, telling them to leave his porch. “I will shoot you,” they told him on video. “Get out of my porch.” You can watch a video below. Since then, Jackie apologized for her husband’s actions, said she deeply regretted what she had done and insisted that she only acted that way because she was afraid.

Jackie and David now live in the Granada Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, per the Los Angeles Sentinel.

Who is Jackie Lacey?

Lacey was born in Los Angeles and raised in the Crenshaw neighborhood. His father, Louis Phillips, was a batch cleaning employee in the city of Los Angeles, and his mother, Addie Phillips, worked in a clothing factory. Lacey attended Dorsey High School, graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a degree in psychology in 1979, and graduated from the University of Southern California Law School in 1982.

David Lacey Children

The Laceys have had two children together, both of whom are now adults. Their children’s names are Kareem and April. They are each other’s only marriages.

Lacey Tells Protestors to ‘Get Off’ His Porch

In the video above, as credited to the Black Lives Matter LA Chapter, David can be seen responding to protesters with a gun. Specifically, he left his house pointing a gun and said: “I will shoot you. Get out of my porch. According to The Los Angeles Times, there were about 30 protesters outside Lacey’s home, and they protested Lacey’s refusal to meet with black activists and organizers in southern Los Angeles. At first, the protesters were sitting on sidewalk chairs near Lacey’s property. But David only left the house when three of the protest leaders went to the front door.

One organizer, Melina Abdullah, told the publication, “I thought I was being paranoid, and I said, ‘That didn’t sound good.’ And then her husband opened the door and pointed a gun and said, ‘Get off my porch.’”

Jackie Lacey Has Apologized for Her Husband’s Actions

In the wake of the frenzy following her husband’s decision to step outside with a gun and point it at protestors, Jackie has since spoken out. At a news conference on Monday morning, Jackie said, “Our home is our sanctuary. I do not believe it is fair or right for protesters to show up at the homes of people who dedicate their lives to public service.”

She continued to say that her husband’s response was motivated by fear, and that he was “profoundly sorry” for what he’d done.

She said, “It was just him and I in that house and we really didn’t know what was about to happen. I too am sorry if anybody was harmed. It’s never my intent to harm any protester. I just want to live in peace and do my job.”

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