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Lucas Barnard Wiki

Davis, 25, suffered fatal injuries while trying to separate Jake Dean Swords, 27, and Lucas Barnard, also 27, when the couple clashed violently after an episode of road rage in Rushden, Northamptonshire, the Saturday night.

A man arrested on suspicion of murdering young mother-of-two Levi Davis has been released without charge in light of fresh CCTV evidence.

Mr. Barnard was arrested for the murder of Mrs. Davis, while Swords was arrested for trying to take down and kill Mr. Barnard. But in a strange turn to this tragic case, detectives have now released Mr. Barnard and said they are not looking for more suspects in connection with Ms. Davis’s death. Northamptonshire police acknowledged that this development would be confusing last night, but said for legal reasons that it could not give more details.

Lucas Barnard Age

He 27 years old.

Investigation Reports

Lead investigating officer DI Pete Long said Wednesday night: ‘This has been an exceptionally fast-paced investigation involving the collection of numerous pieces of evidence, one of which is crucial high-quality CCTV images that show the whole incident from beginning to end. ‘After a consultation with the Crown Prosecutor’s Service tonight regarding all the evidence gathered, the decision was made to release the 27-year-old man arrested on suspicion of murder without any further action.

‘I know there is an extensive amount of interest and speculation surrounding this case and I know this decision may leave many people confused, however, I want to reassure the community in Rushden that this has been an exceptionally thorough investigation involving very experienced detectives from across the region.

‘It will be a source of frustration to many people that we are unable to go into more detail, but this is because of an impending court process relating to a second 27-year-old man (Swords) charged with attempted murder in connection with this case.

‘Specialist officers will continue to work closely with Levi’s family at this extremely difficult time.’

Who is Ms. Davis

Ms. Davis lived less than half a mile from the scene of her death, with her Facebook profile that said she previously worked for the British army, and that she was support staff at Leonard Cheshire Disability. Matt Lewinton, who is the father of his two and five-year-old daughters, paid tribute yesterday when his new lover appeared in court. He told The Times: ‘She was one of the most women in the world. I could not have asked for a woman better than her to be the mother of my children. ‘She was one in a million. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me. On Tuesday, Northampton magistrates referred Swords in custody to appear in the city’s crown court on January 8. Swords greeted his family members in court, saying he was going to Peterborough jail.

On Saturday night, Ms. Davis was traveling through Rushden with boyfriend Swords in a Vauxhall van when they collided with Mr Barnard’s VW Polo.

Swords is then alleged to have tried to mow down Mr. Barnard before landing blows on him.

At the hearing of the Swords magistrates, prosecutor Stella Moses said there was a “story” between him and Barnard, adding: “The truck collided with the Pole. The pole stopped and Mr. Barnard came out. The white van was driven in the direction of Mr. Barnard and collided with him between the vehicles. Mr. Swords came out and proceeded to assault Mr. Barnard with blows and blows. Another person also got involved. ‘ During the confrontation, Davis was stabbed and, although the residents came to his aid, the paramedics declared her dead in the place around 8:30 p.m., leaving behind two daughters of two and five years. A 13-year-old boy had been arrested but was later released without further action. Officers reviewed a large separate house of £ 500,000 just a few meters from the scene of Miss Davis’ death on Tuesday, although they refused to say why. The house is believed to belong to a local roofing contractor, in his 50s, and police confirmed that it was “linked to the investigation.” Bloodstains could be seen in the white frame of the door of the house.

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