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Siliana Gaspard Wiki – Siliana Gaspard Bio

Siliana Gaspard is a former Fitness model and a certified trainer and nutritionist. She is also best known for being the wife of Shad Gaspard, an American professional wrestler and actor. He is best known for his time with WWE. On May 18, 2020, Gaspard was declared missing by police after being caught in a strong wave the day before while swimming with his son. The son was rescued but Shad is still missing.

Gaspard is a former fitness model and competitive bodybuilder. Gaspard told Simply Shredded in a 2013 interview that he was first interested in fitness after the birth of his son. Gaspard said that while she gained a normal amount of weight during pregnancy, around 40 pounds, she still found the weight gain “annoying.” Gaspard first competed in an exhibition of the National Physics Committee in the summer of 2011. Gaspard scoffed at a time when she was in competitive good shape with an Instagram post showing her competing in 2011. The caption for the photo read: “When Facebook reminds you of how you used to look… ah, Facebook, thanks for the reminder. ”

Gaspard is described as a native of Sofia, Bulgaria, according to the Beauty Beast profile. The profile details that in his youth, Gaspard grew up in different countries, including the United States and Canada. At the time, Gaspard was a nationally ranked tennis prodigy. Gaspard said in a 2013 interview with Women’s Fitness: “I played tennis most of my life. My role model has always been my mother because she is the strongest woman I know.” The profile also enters Gaspard’s journey to becoming a competitive bodybuilder. The biography says that Shad Gaspard participated in his wife’s training for competitions. He adds that Gaspard has been featured in several different fitness magazines, including Flex Magazine, FitnessRX for Women, Muscle, and Fitness HERS.

Siliana Gaspard Age

Siliana Gaspard is 25 years old.

Siliana Gaspard Chikdren

Siliana Gaspard is one son


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Forever my favorite photo. ❤️ . . . Happy 10th birthday to my son, and the man who taught me what it means to continually strive to be the best person I can be. He’s been my side kick for 10 years and in so many ways, it feels like we’ve grown up together. 🥰🥰 #my love @shadbeast13

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Siliana Gaspard & Chad Gaspard

Siliana and Chad Gaspard have been married since 2009. They share a child together. On May 18, 2020, Gaspard was declared missing by police after being caught in a strong wave the day before while swimming with his son. The son was rescued but Shad is still missing.


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Happy holidays from my family to yours! . Here are a few tidbits from our family vacay in #Cancun. . . The older I get, the more I realize that money comes and goes, but memories will last a lifetime. . #memories #travel #family

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Pro wrestler’s wife Siliana Gaspard announced the news in her Instagram Stories on Monday, May 18, and wrote, “Gone! Last seen in swim shorts. If you’ve seen Shad, please send me a message. Please don’t flood me asking what happened. We want to know if you’ve seen it and where. Thank you. ” Siliana also shared a missing person flyer that includes Shad’s height, 6 ft 7 and weight, 265 lbs.

Shad Gaspard Arrested

In March 2011, Shad Gaspard was arrested, accused of jaywalking and resisting arrest in Columbus, Ohio. Siliana Gaspard told TMZ at the time of her belief that her husband had been a victim of racial discrimination. Gaspard told TMZ that her husband knelt when confronted by an officer to demonstrate that he was not resisting. Gaspard said the officer pushed her husband’s face into the ground anyway. The WWE star was with UFC star Josh Barrett at the time. Barrett endorsed Gaspard’s version of events. He tweeted at the time: “Shad Gaspard was arrested because a Columbus officer abused his authority. Fake jaywalking charge + attitude turns into handcuffs and tackles. ” The jaywalking charges against Shad Gaspard were dropped in July 2011.

Shad Gaspard Missing

On May 18, 2020, Siliana Gaspard said in her Instagram story that her husband, a former WWE star, had disappeared. Gaspard said her husband was wearing swimming shorts when he was last seen at Marina Del Ray Beach in California. TMZ reports that Shad Gaspard was one of a group of swimmers that was washed away by a wave. She was swimming with her son, 10 when the incident occurred. The TMZ report says Shad Gaspard ordered rescuers to first help their son. Her son was rescued safely from the scene. The TMZ report also said that the image rescuers were using was taken shortly before it disappeared.

Siliana Gaspard Instagram


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What is the part of your body you wish you could snap your fingers and change? . Mine has always been my thighs/glutes because they hold the most fat 😭🤦🏻‍♀️. . Genetics, right 🤷🏻‍♀️ . BUT…. I’m learning that rather than hate my legs because they aren’t always perfect, I can learn to love them in every form, because they do after all sustain my entire body 😊 . Learning with dieting that it doesn’t have to be so cut and dry all the time. The best “diets” are simply lifestyle changes that allow you to balance your eating habits so you can eat sensibly, but also enjoy being alive! . Exercise- it’s GREAT to exercise, but it doesn’t always have to be a hard, hard work out. Especially for women (and what I’m currently struggling with) working out too often and depleting too much can affect things like your hormones, thyroid etc. . Learning that I truly, really, deeply and genuinely love to help people achieve their goals and live a better, happier, healthier lifestyle. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #learning #lifestyle #fit #fitness #lifestylemodel #mom #momblogger #paidsponsorships #athomeworkouts

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