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Todd Mullis

Todd Mullis Wiki – Todd Mullis Bio

Todd Mullis Full Name Todd Michael Mullis Husband of Amy Mullis 39 Years. Todd Mullis Killed her wife then blamed his wife’s death on a freak accident. “He hoped people would feel sorry for him and not ask any more questions,” State Prosecutor Marie Hughes said Tuesday.

But his explanation — that Amy Mullis had fallen and landed on the corn rake — quickly fell apart under scrutiny, police said. This week, the 43-year-old went on trial for first-degree murder, and he faces a potential life sentence in prison if convicted.

Jerry Frasher Key Points

  • Jerry Frasher, 49, testified Wednesday in the trial of Todd Mullis, 43, who is charged with first-degree murder in the slaying of Amy Mullis, 39 
  • Frasher, who was having an affair with Amy, told the court ‘she wasn’t happy’
  • He ‘told Amy they had to cool things’ after Todd confronted him about texts 
  • Amy was found dead at the couple’s Earlville, Iowa farm in November last year
  • Prosecutors say evidence shows she had been stabbed in the back with the rake
  • Amy’s friends said she ‘wasn’t happy’ and was scared Todd ‘would kill her’ 

Todd Michael Mullis Killed Her wife Amy Mullis Blamed Unfaithful woman

Todd Michael Mullis, 43, stands trial in Dubuque County, Iowa for first-degree murder in the death of his wife Amy Mullis, 39. Prosecutors say he stabbed her to death over an alleged affair and tried to pass it off as her accidentally falling on a corn rake. Instead, investigators claimed to find evidence that the victim feared for her safety, and that the defendant recently searched the Internet for “killing unfaithful women.”

Why Todd Mullis Killed Her Wife Amy Mullis

He defendant said that his wife had had surgery a couple of days before, that this was her first day out of the house, and that she seemed to be having dizzy spells. Todd Mullis alleged acknowledgedly that he learned in 2013 that his wife had had an affair. It hurt his trust in his wife, but he denied ever confronting her about another affair, authorities said. He changed his story, however, saying that he did confront her, but believed her, the other man, and that man’s wife about there not being a relationship.

According To Investigators What Amy Mullis was in fear

Investigators said they found evidence there was an affair, and that Amy Mullis feared for her life. The other man told law enforcement they had been involved since May 2018, that Amy Mullis wanted to leave her husband, and that Amy said, “If he [Todd Mullis] catches me, he might make me disappear.”

Amy Mullis & Todd Mullis Separated

Amy Mullis and Todd Mullis hadn’t even been sleeping in the same bed for five months before the death.

Amy Mullis Last Text Message to Her Husband Todd Mullis

A text message the victim sent to a friend showed that she mentioned things were tense at the time and that on the day of her death, she wrote, “Still very tense around here. Just not sure of anything anymore.” A number of Amy Mullis’s friends and relatives told law enforcement that she said on several occasions that she worried her husband would kill her if he discovered the affair and that she wanted to divorce him.

Todd Mullis Searched for How to Kill Her Wife

Investigators also said they found evidence on Todd Mullis’s iPad that he searched the internet for “killing unfaithful women,” “what happens to cheaters in history,” and “what happened to cheat spouses in historic Aztec tribes.”

Todd Mullis In Court Video On Twitter

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