– Everyone wants Iphone simply because of one reason or the other. Some says using Iphone means you’re up to date, some says its fame, wealth and even fashion(especially Nigerian girls).
– People go to the extent of selling valueable properties just to afford a mere Iphone, some go homeless or get fired by landlords just because of Iphone.

Why 'Say NO To IPhone' 4

What’s really special about Iphone? Is it not just a mere smartphone just as Android smartphones over there? The answer, there nothing special about it when you think about it logically.

What Should You Consider Before Buying an Iphone?

Before making up your mind ask yourself these questions?
– Do i really need an Iphone?
– Do i have more than enough to purchase an Iphone?
– What am i going to use an Iphone for?
– Will i be able to cope after buying an Iphone?

Answers to these questions is enough for you to make decision. It’s left to you.

Your Opinions are welcomed.

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