Wikifx Reviews-A Trustworthy Broker Regulation Inquiry Tool  

As a forex trader who was ever used and is using Wikifx app, I see there are a lot of Wikifx reviews displayed on the Internet, both negative and positive. Today, I am gonna tell you about how I feel about this Wikifx App based on my actual use.


I find this Wikifx is easy and fast to download on a stable network connection. This cannot be frequently achieved by many other similar tools, as there are always some terrible download and registration problems as I tried many time before. This Wikifx App really impresses me a lot at first.

No one like troublesome things, nor do I. User- experience is quite important for a new App.


The another thing I want to point out is that Wikfx offers s huge section of forex brokers enlisted, around 30, 400 per its official website. This astonishes me. I have never seen a similar App including so many brokers before, indeed. Detailed regulation and license information is clearly listed here for forex traders to distinguish. How does Wikifx get these information then? The fact is that Wikifx has a powerful field survey team worldwide to investigate whether a broker is fully authorized and regulated or not.

Wikifx Reviews-A Trustworthy Broker Regulation Inquiry Tool   

An interesting part, I guess, is the exposure list or the User reviews part. As what displayed on the Wikifx official website, there are so much forex investor are scammed by illegal brokers, so did I. I deposited $10,000 in my forex trading account, and the broker kept asking me to fund more. However, it turned out that I cannot withdraw my money at last. Some traders exposed that brokers blocked their account and ran away after chatting. Actually, these are customary tactics used by many brokers. If I, or anyone who was involved in forex trading, saw these exposure listed earlier, fund losses may be reduced, I guess. I think Wikifx should collect more exposure cases, as it is truly useful.


Wikifx Reviews-A Trustworthy Broker Regulation Inquiry Tool   

Wikifx Reviews-Exposure details


What really really really surprised me was that Wikifx should help me take back my lost fund. I CAN NEVER IMAGINE IT!!! I sent an email to Wikifx to tell what happened to me, never would thought the broker could return my money under Wikifx’s communication. I still cannot believe it even today. Wikifx staff asked me to send them related records on how I was scammed. Then, around one month later, I received $5000. What a surprise! Although $5000 is not all my fund deposited, I was rather happy. I would say Wikifx is really a magic platform that could help us bring our money back. It is not just saying

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