XRP Price Gets Uplifted, NEO and ATA Hitched in a Similar Trend?

The Ripple XRP price had been trending in the cryptocurrency market amidst its price fluctuations for quite some time. But the price movement has begun to stabilize in the past few days. In the last 24 hours, when the price was substantially surging to $0.973, it fell into an ‘M’ shape and thereby into a bearish trend which dipped deep to $0.827. Currently, the price is recouping from the dip.

At the time of typing, the XRP price is $0.877. In the early hours, with the selling pressure arresting, the price was mounting from $0.847. If this movement continues, the price will surge significantly, with bulls rallying further it may touch $0.980 or higher. However, if the bulls in the line are overtaken by bears, then the price might eventually drop back to its previous range.

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The price of NEO was seeing constant highs and lows for the past few days. Today, the price began slashing greatly and knocked down at $47.71. Undoubtedly, the buying pressure was intense, preventing the price from rising. Currently, with some bulls, the price is expected to rise and might form a steep V shape if the bullish momentum is acquired.

At the time of typing, the NEO price is $49.49. In the early hours, the price surged from $48.37 approaching $50 and beyond for today’s new high. If this continues, the price may swell further near $52 and further. But if it comes across any setback the price may fall back from this point near $50.25.

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The ATA, the native cryptocurrency of the Automata network, landed on its feet only yesterday, opening with $1.80 and even surged up to $2.55 on the same day. However, earlier today the price reversed its movements and is slightly bearish. Currently, the price is moving linearly at $1.20, trying to overcome the bearish trap.

At the time of writing, the ATA price is seen at $1.20. In the early hours, the price was sailing near $1.65, but it lost momentum and fell to $1.303. If ATA manages to push itself, it might reach a new ATH, in the coming hours that exceed $2.55. If the movement cannot rally smashing the last high, it might sail in the same range or dip to $1.

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