Yearn Finance Platinum Review – Scam or Legit


Yearn Finance Platinum is Revolutionizing DeFi By Combining Benefits of Yearn Finance & Governance. Decentralized community-driven DeFi protocol emphasizes on Staking , Yield Farming and Locked liquidity with limited supply 3,333 YFPL tokens. 

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This project is called Yearn Finance Platinum — a premium version of high-performance finance, the name sounds good, but seems to be purposely synonymous with project finance misses.


3, 333 TOKENS

Private Sale – 50 tokens

Public Presale – 100 tokens

Dex Pools Allocation – 200 tokens

Hotbit Allocation – 100 tokens

Marketing – 50 tokens

Staking Rewards – 500 tokens

Team – 0 tokens !!!

All unused tokens will be locked for 36 months



Based on the DeFi Protocol which uses the power of a decentralized community as its product development, Yearn Finance Platinum is a diversified financial management business that creates a stress-free environment for clients and equips them with the knowledge and solutions needed for financial independence.

Because Yearn Finance Platinum aims to assist users and find the right financial strategy to meet their individual needs. Of course, Yearn Finance Platinum’s priority is to make its users happy by prioritizing their interests to get successful results through several of its programs.


This decentralized and automated model makes a self-controlling and resistance administered stage whereby customers can project a polling form and pick key stage business decision, look into challenge managing and self to orchestrate around stage the board. This draws in customers in a way not seen beforehand.


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