YFI Price, UMA Price & LINK Price Swells Keeping The DeFi Space Uplifted

Chainlink price like the other assets had plunged heavily, slashing below $15 in the past couple of days. However, a magnificent recovery led the price to regain the lost positions above $25 in a short interval of time. 

Despite the LINK price could not undergo a steep V-shape recovery, yet it rallied towards its initial positions minimizing price decline. No doubt the price is still haunted to revisit the support levels, yet the link marines appears to be poised to uplift the price.

At the time of writing,the LINK price is $26.01 with a notable jump of 8.87% in the past 24 hours. However, the price seema to keep the uptrend intact, as the pullback is no longer a hindrance for the rally. 

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Yearn.Fiance is always known for its monster rally. It is the only crypto asset to hit the highest levels at $93,435 to become the most expensive token ever.Yet it surprised the entire crypto space by plunging to the lowest levels around $23K within a fortnight of smashing new ATH.

Currently, the YFI price has almost doubled since bagging the lowest levels offlet, manifesting the desire to revisit the ATH soon. However, on the contrary, the YFI is extremely volatile as it also plunges massively like a giant. 

Currently, it appears the price is consolidating just below $50k before the next leg up that may rally probably towards $60K. At the time of writing the YFI price is $46,536.43 with a jump of 5.11% in the last 24 hours. 

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UMA price after more than 40% decline in the past week, appears to have a tough phase as the price struggles to surge. The price after getting rejected a couple of times at $15 is attempting hard to break the upper barriers around $14.

Currently, at the press time, the UMA price is around $13.71 with a slight recovery of 0.18% compared to the previous trading day. The price is heavily consolidating within a narrow range and hence the next up may rally the price above $20 shortly.

Technical Specifications

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